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Honorable Vincent P. Zurzolo

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United States Bankruptcy Court
Central District of California
Edward R. Roybal Federal Building and Courthouse
255 E. Temple Street, Suite 1360 / Courtroom 1368
Los Angeles, CA 90012

(213) 894-3755

Courtroom Deputy:
(213) 894-5855

Court Recorder Contact:
(213) 894-4857

Emergency Motion Contacts:
(213) 894-3635
(213) 894-3755


Chapter 13

Confirmation/Consent Hearing Calendar 

Chapter 13 Miscellaneous Procedures and Requirements

Confirmation That Junior Lien on Residence is Avoided  [After Chapter 13 Plan Completion] 
Declaration that Plan is Completed and Judgment was Obtained:   [MS Word Version]
Order Confirming a Judgment was Obtained, Plan is Completed, and a Lien is Avoided:   [MS Word Version]

Advancing the Hearing on Confirmation of Chapter 13 Plan - NEW April 2018
Explanation of Procedure to Advance Hearing
Debtor's Motion to Advance Hearing on Confirmation of Chapter 13 Plan [MS Word Version]
Order on Debtor's Motion to Advance Hearing on Confirmation of Chapter 13 Plan [MS Word Version]

Fee Applications in Chapter 13 Cases 
Application for RARA Fees in a Dismissed or Converted Case: LBR 3015-1(q)(6)  [MS Word Version]
Supplement Fee Application: LBR 3015-1(v)(2)  [MS Word Version]
Order on Application for RARA Fees in a Dismissed or Converted Case  [MS Word Version]

Debtor’s Reply to Comments of Chapter 13 Trustee to Debtor’s Motion Filed Under LBR 9013-1(o) - NEW August 2019
Explanation of Procedure to file Debtor’s Reply
Debtor's Reply to Trustee’s Comments [MS Word Version]

Telephonic Instructions


Updated May 4, 2021


Judge Zurzolo’s Courtroom 1368 
is OPEN to the public  
Roybal Federal Building & Courthouse
255 E. Temple St., Los Angeles, CA 90012

Do I have a choice to appear in person or appear by phone?  Yes

Do I wear a face covering in the courtroom?  Yes, unless excused by the judge. 

How do I find out if my hearing is going forward as scheduled?

Please view hearing calendars to determine if your hearing is going forward.   Calendars are accessible on the court’s website: 

** Home page, Left side
** Link is “Tentative Rulings / Posted Judicial Calendars

How do I check in for a hearing?

IF YOU APPEAR IN PERSON -- at the hearing, check in with the court recorder

IF YOU APPEAR BY PHONE -- in advance of the hearing, register as indicated below

Registering to Appear by Phone:  All phone appearances are made using Judge Zurzolo's toll-free line.  Do not register with Court Call or any similar service

The court prepares a list of parties who appear by phone; it includes the same information you provide if you appear in person and check in.

STEP #1:  Register no later than 12:00 noon the day prior to the hearing:

  1. Send an email to
  2. In the subject line, insert “Registration -- Telephonic Appearance”
  3. Include in the email all the following information:
    1. Your full name, State Bar number, office phone number, and client’s full name
    2. Hearing date and time, and matter number on the calendar
    3. Debtor’s name and case number and, if applicable, adversary procedure number

STEP #2:   Join Judge Zurzolo’s conference call line 15 minutes before the hearing.  
New toll-free conference line: (877) 411-9748     Passcode: 5919677  

STEP #3:   Keep your phone on mute until your hearing matter is called. 

Updated May 4, 2021

Printable version of Judge Zurzolo's Telephonic Appearance Procedures


Tentative Rulings
About the Judge



  • University of California, San Diego, 1978, B.A.
  • University of California, Davis, School of Law, 1982, J.D.


  • 2011 Calvin Ashland Award for Judge of the Year - awarded by the Central District Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys Association
  • 2011 Leadership Award - awarded by the Public Counsel Law Center, Los Angeles
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