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Court Manual

The Court Manual is an adjunct to the LOCAL BANKRUPTCY RULES (LBRs) and is incorporated in the LBRs. It includes specific information, instructions, and requirements regarding the court for the use of lawyers, legal assistants, and the public. For each judge’s specific requirements please visit the Judges' Directory.

Download complete Court Manual (formatted for double sided printing) [Revised May 2024]

Download complete Redline Version of the Court Manual (formatted for double sided printing) [Revised May 2024]

Section The Court Manual Contains the Following Sections
TOC Table of Contents
One General Court Information
Two Filing Requirements and Procedures
Three CM/ECF Procedures
Four LOU (Lodged Order Upload)
Five Other Court Technology
Six Forms
Appendix A Telephone Directory & Court Locations
Appendix B Areas Served by the Central District of California
Appendix C Information About Assigned Trustee and US Trustee
Appendix D Register of Federal & State Government Unit Addresses
Appendix E Law Library Locations
Appendix F Serving Judge's Copy of Documents
Appendix G Helpful Hints
Appendix H Judges' Emergency Motion Contacts
Appendix I Issues Regarding Notice and Service
Appendix J Delegation of Authority to the Clerk to Sign Specific Form Orders Involving Ministerial Matters


Comments regarding the Court Manual, should be directed to:
Robin Beacham, Special Projects Manager
United States Bankruptcy Court
Edward R. Roybal Federal Building
255 East Temple Street, Suite 930
Los Angeles, CA 90012
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