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Current Notice of Sales

Notices of Sales with Sale Dates of today and future dated are listed below.

* Last Date represents Last date to file objections

Sale Date or Last Date *sort ascending Notice of Sale Category
10/21/2020 LA-20-15424-BB Automobile
10/14/2020 RS-19-19046-MH Real Property
10/13/2020 LA-19-17471-RK Real Property
10/09/2020 SV-20-11358-MB Miscellaneous
10/08/2020 LA-19-17724-WB Real Property
10/07/2020 RS-19-19046-MH Real Property
10/07/2020 SA-20-11643-SC Real Property
10/06/2020 RS-19-17152-WJ Real Property
10/06/2020 LA-20-11379-BR Real Property
10/06/2020 ND-11-13066-DS Miscellaneous
10/06/2020 RS-19-13044-WJ Real Property
10/06/2020 LA-20-14902-RK Stock Shares
10/06/2020 RS-08-14592-MW Miscellaneous
10/01/2020 SA-20-11339-SC Real Property
10/01/2020 SA-09-20845-ES Miscellaneous
09/30/2020 SA-20-10437-SC Miscellaneous
09/30/2020 ND-20-10006-MB Real Property
09/30/2020 RS-20-14908-MH Miscellaneous
09/29/2020 ND-20-10554-DS Miscellaneous
09/24/2020 SV-19-11777-VK Miscellaneous
09/23/2020 ND-19-11573-MB Miscellaneous
09/22/2020 LA-19-15642-BR Real Property