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The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is a wide-ranging civil rights law that prohibits, under certain circumstances, discrimination based on disability. The ADA does not apply to the federal judiciary. Separately from the ADA, Judicial Conference policy requires federal courts to provide reasonable accommodations to the deaf or hearing impaired, or persons with other communication disabilities.

The Court will consider an applicant’s choice of auxiliary aids and services such as qualified sign language interpreters, assistive listening devices or systems, or other effective assistance to individuals with hearing impairments. Cancellation of requested services is required at least two business days in advance of the date the service is requested. Failure to notify the Access Coordinator of cancellation may result in the applicant bearing the cost of cancellation.

  • For assistive listening, portable headsets are available for each courtroom. Please contact the courtroom deputy handling your case within 48 hours prior to the scheduled hearing to request this accommodation.
  • For all other requests, please submit the Application to Provide Services to the Hearing-Impaired or Other Persons with Communication Disabilities form to the Access Coordinator listed above, at least three weeks prior to the date the service is required. There is no filing fee required for this application, nor is there a requirement for notice and hearing to other parties.
Detailed building accommodations for each divisional office may be accessed here.
ADA Accommodation/Accessibility maps for each court location may be accessed below:
Note: Please be advised that accessibility entrance information is subject to change and the page will be updated timely when the Court is informed of changes affecting building access.

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