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Cases of Interest

Top 20 Cases of Interest Filed in the Last 24 Months*

Auto Strap Transport, LLC
RS-16-19936-MH, Chapter 11, Filed 12/01/17. Assets $1-10 million and Liabilities $10-50 million. Order granting debtor’s motion to extend exclusivity period for filing a Chapter 11 Plan and Disclosure Statement entered 3/26/18 - exclusivity period extended through and including 6/30/18. Order granting motion to extend time to file a Chapter 11 Plan entered 3/26/18 - extended to 6/30/18. Monthly operating report No. 3 for the month ending 2/28/18 filed 4/5/18. Meeting of creditors continued to 4/18/18 @ 2 p.m. at Rm 720, 3801 University Ave., Riverside, CA.
Bikram’s Yoga College of India LP, a Limited Partnership
(Lead case to JNTADM cases) Bikram Choudhury Yoga, Inc, a California Corporation, Bikram Inc, a Delaware Corporation, Yuz Inc., a California Corporation International Trading Representative, LLC, a Delaware Limited Liability Company ND-17-12045-DS, ND-17-12046-DS, ND-17-12047-DS, ND-17-12048-DS, Chapter 11, Filed 11/09/2017, Assets Under $1 and Liabilities $10-50 million. Application for order approving appointment of trustee and fixing bond filed 4/4/18. Order approving appointment of Chapter 11 trustee entered 4/6/18.
British Motorcars Ventura, Inc. DBA Land Rover Jaguar Ventura
ND-17-10489-DS, Chapter 11, Filed 03/22/17. Assets $1-10 million and Liabilities $1-10 million. Case closed 3/15/18.
Cartel Management, Inc
LA-17-11179-DS, Chapter 11, Filed 01/03/17. Assets $0.5-$1 million and Liabilities $1-10 million. Notice of (1) confirmation hearing on debtors’ joint plan of reorganization, dated February 21, 2018 (2) Deadline to vote on debtors’ joint plan of reorganization and (3) Deadline to object to confirmation of debtors’ joint plan of reorganization.
ColorFX, Inc.
SV-17-10830-VK, Chapter 11, Filed 03/31/17. Assets $1-10 million and Liabilities $1-10 million. Scheduling and case management conference continued to 6/7/18 at 1 p.m.
CompCare Medical, Inc.
RS-18-12748-SC, Chapter 11, Filed 04/03/18. Assets $0.5-$1 million and Liabilities $0.5-$1 million. Chapter 11 voluntary petition filed 4/3/18. Order (1) Setting scheduling hearing and case management conference and (2) Requiring status report entered 4/4/18. Status conference scheduled for 5/15/18 @ 1:30 p.m., 3420 Twelfth Street, Room 126, Riverside, CA. Meeting of creditors to be held 5/2/18 @ 2:30 p.m. Rm 720, 3801 University Ave., Riverside, CA. Order approving stipulation between U.S. Trustee and Debtor CompCare Medical Inc. to appoint a patient care ombudsman entered 4/10/18. Order granting motion to set last day to file proofs of claim entered 4/11/18. Notice of bar date for filing proofs of claim in a chapter 11 case filed 4/11/18 - Proofs of claim due by 7/3/18. Government proofs of claim due by 10/9/18.
Dana Hollister
LA-18-12429-NB, Chapter 11, Filed 03/06/18. Assets $10-50 million and Liabilities $10-50 million. Stipulation to continue the hearing on debtor’s motion for order authorizing use of estate property not in the ordinary course of business was filed on 4/23/18.
Hoag Urgent Care Tustin Inc.
SA-17-13077-TA, (Lead case to JNTADMIN cases) Hoag Urgent Care -Huntington Harbour, Hoag Urgent Care -Orange Inc., Hoag Urgent Care -Anaheim Hills, Inc., Cypress Urgent Care, Inc. Laguna Dana Urgent Care Inc. SA-17-13078-TA SA-17-13079-TA SA-17-13080-TA SA-17-13089-TA SA-17-13090-TA, Chapter 11, Filed 8/2/17, Assets $1-10 million and Liabilities $1-10 million. Notice of Appeal filed 3/15/18, Order approving stipulation to continue hearing on the Motion by UST to dismiss or convert case continued to 5/2/18 at 10 a.m. and any or all deadlines associated therewith are also continued accordingly. Order granting stipulation to continue hearing on the small business develop corp. to 4/4/18 at 11 a.m. Opening Letter - Notice of Acknowledgement, Appellate Panel Notice of Transcripts Designated, Statement of Issues on Appeal filed 3/28/18. Order Approving the Second Stipulation by and among each of the debtor Entities and related Entities to Extend the Deadline of file Proof of Claim through and including June 29, 2018. Transfer of Claims filed 4/10/18. Status Conference continued to 6/27/18 at 11 a.m. crtrm 5B, Certificate of Readiness of Record of Appeal and Transcript Records Transmittal filed 4/12/18.
K&A Global Management Company
SV-16-13295-MT, Chapter 11, Filed 11/17/16. Assets $1-10 million and Liabilities $1-10 million. Post-confirmation status conference continued to 1/30/19 at 9:30 a.m. First and final application of Jeffrey S. Shinbrot, APLC, general reorganization counsel to chapter 11 debtor for approval of compensation to be heard on 4/25/18 at 9:30 a.m.
Lindley Fire Protection Co. Inc.
SA-17-10929-CB, Chapter 11, Filed 03/12/17. Assets $1-10 million and Liabilities $1-10 million. Order Granting Debtor’s Motion authorizing Interim use of Cash Collateral of IRS on interim basis debtor has used cash collateral through 4/27/18. Debtor’s Emergency Motion for Order Authorizing use of cash collateral of IRS and Status Hearing continued to 4/25/18 at 10 a.m. Monthly Operating Reports filed for February and March 2018. Hearing Held on UST Motion to Dismiss or Convert OFF Calendar.
Nasty Gal Inc.
LA-16-24862-BB, Chapter 11, Filed 11/09/16, Assets $10- 50 million and Liabilities $10-50 million. Order entered on 4/23/18 approving stipulation between Province Inc., as Trustee of NG DIP Liquidating Trust, and System Integration Specialists Inc. to continue hearing on NG DIP Liquidating Trust’s objection to proof of claim No. 219.
Penthouse Global Media Inc
SV-18-10098-MB (Lead case to JNTADMN cases) Penthouse Global Broadcasting, Inc, Penthouse Global Licensing, Inc, Penthouse Global Digital, Inc, Penthouse Global Publishing, Inc, GMI Online Ventures, Ltd, Penthouse Digital Media Productions, Inc, Tan Door Media, Inc, Penthouse Images Acquisitions, Ltd, Pure Entertainment Telecommunications, Inc, fka For Your Ears Only, Ltd, XVHUB Group, Inc, fka Giant Swallowtail Inc. General Media Communications, Inc, General Media Entertainment, Inc, fka Penthouse Video, Inc, Danni Ashe, Inc, Streamray Studios, Inc. SV-18-10099-MB, SV-18-10101-MB, SV-18-10102-MB, SV-18-10103-MB, SV-18-10104-MB, SV-18-10105-MB, SV-18-10106-MB, SV-18-10107-MB, SV18-10108-MB, SV-18-10109-MB, SV-18-10110-MB, , SV-18-10111-MB, SV-18-10112-MB, SV-18-10113-MB, Chapter 11, Filed 01/11/18, Assets $0- 50 million and Liabilities $10-50 million. Scheduling and case management conference continued to 5/1/18 at 1:30 p.m. Hearing regarding motion to convert case from chapter 11 to 7 to be heard on 5/11/18 at 10 a.m. Hearing regarding objection to claim of Dream Media Corporation as assignee of Exworks Capital Fund I LTD continued to 5/15/18 at 1:30 p.m.
Shepherd University
LA-17-19964-BB, Chapter 11, Filed 08/14/17, Assets $1- 10 million and Liabilities $1-10 million. Notice of motion and motion of Bradley D. Sharp, chapter 7 trustee, for the production of documents and the oral examination of the person most knowledgeable at BRC Investment debt Fund I, LLC pursuant to Fed. R. Bankruptcy P. 2004; Memorandum of points and authorities; declaration of Bradley D. Sharp and Elissa D. Miller in support therefor was filed on 4/24/18.
Solid Landing Behavioral Health Inc.
SA-17-12213-CB (Lead case to JNTADMIN cases) Cedar Creek Recovery Inc, EMS Toxicology, Silver RockRecovery, Sure Haven Inc. SA-17-12213, SA-17-12218, SA-17-12221, SA17-12222, SA-17-12223, Chapter 11, Filed 6/1/17, Assets $50- 100 million and Liabilities $10-50 million. Hearing granted re Motion to Reclassify Claims. Hearing continued to 8/29/18 at 10 a.m. on Post Conference. Hearing held confirmed Chapter 11 Plan filed by Creditors Committee 2/28/18. Motion for Relief from Stay Action in Non-Bankruptcy Forum Denied. Order Granting Reclassifying Secured Claims filed 3/2/18. Order Confirming Joint Plan of Liquidation filed 3/22/18. Application for Compensation hearing set 5/2/18 at 10 a.m. filed 4/12/18.
Styles For Less Inc.
SA-17-14396-MW, Chapter 11, Filed 11/6/2017, Assets $10- 50 million and Liabilities $10-50 million. Status Conference and Renewal use of Cash Collateral hearings continued to 4/30/18 at 9 a.m., crtrm 6C. Motions and Claims disallowed filed 3/28/18 and Notice of Objection to claims filed 3/30/18. Debtor’s Motion for Order Approving the Sale of Intellectual Property Assets and Compromise of Controversy with Wells Fargo Bank N.A.hearings set for 4/30/18 at 9 a.m.
Tours Incorporated, Inc.
SV-17-10256-MT, Chapter 11, Filed 1/31/17. Assets $1-10 million and Liabilities $1-10 million. Scheduling and case management conference continued to 3/21/18 at 9:30 a.m.
RS-17014661-MW, Chapter 11, Filed 6/2/17, Assets $1-10 million and Liabilities $1-10 million. Order continuing status conference to 8/9/18 @ 9 a.m. entered 3/29/18. Order approving sale of real property under Section 363(b) free and clear of all liens, claims and interests, and granting certain other related relief entered 4/4/18.
WJA Asset Management, LLC
SA-17-11996-SC (Lead case to JNTADMN cases) 5827 Winland Hills Drive Development Fund, Alabama Housing Fund, CA Express Fund, CA See Jane Go Fund, CA Whirl Fund, Clairton Residential Renewal, Equity Indexed Managed Fund, Luxury Asset Purchasing International, LVNV Multi Family, PMB Managed Fund, Prosper Managed Fund, TD Opportunity Fund, TD Reo Fund, Urban Produce Fund, Whirl Fund, WJA Express Fund, WJA Real Estate Opportunity Fund I, WJA Real Estate Opportunity Fund II, WJA Secure Real Estate Fund, WJA Secure Income Fund, William Jordan Investmens; CA Real Estate Opportunities Fund I, CA Real Estate Opportunity Fund II, California Indexed Growth Fund, Secure California Income Fund, CA Real Estate Opportunity Fund III. SA-17-11996, SA-17-11997, SA-17-11998, SA-17-11999, SA-17-12000, SA-17-12001, SA-17-12002, SA-17-12003, SA-17-12004, SA-17-12005, SA-17-12006, SA-17-12008, SA-17-12009, SA-17-12010, SA-17-12011, SA-17-12012, SA-17-12013, SA-17-12015, SA-17-12016, SA-17-12018, SA-17-12019, SA17-12124, SA-17-12125, SA-17-12126, SA-17-12127, SA-17-12285, Chapter 11, Filed 5/18/2017 & 5/25/2017 & 6/6/17, Assets $1-5 million and Liabilities $1-10 million. Hearings held 4/12/18 on Motion on Interim Application for Order Approving Payment of Fees and Reimbursement of Expenses and Compensation Granted by Default as per Tentative and Modified by the stipulation filed 4/6/18. Order granting Motion to approve Short S Agreement for Lien against Real Property located at 17900 Bull Canyon Dr. Granada Hills, CA. Omnibus Order Granting Application Allowance of Fees and Cost filed 4/12/18. Statement Amended Professional Fee Statement filed 3/5/18.
Zetta Jet USA, Inc.
LA-17-21386-SK, Chapter 11, Filed 09/15/17. Assets $50-100 million and Liabilities $50-100 million. Stipulated protective order with ECN Aviation, Inc. and Element Financial Corporation filed on 4/23/18. Request for payment and proof of post-petition chapter 11 claim was filed on 4/24/18. Zetta Jet PTE Ltd. LA-17-21387-SK, Chapter 11, Filed 09/15/17. Assets $50-100 million and Liabilities $50-100 million. Order entered on 4/19/18 granting the application of non-resident attorney Justin K. Edelson to appear in a specific case [LBR 2090-1(b)].
*Based on a combination of asset and liability levels, number of creditors, high activity, and/or name recognition.