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06/24/2021 In re: Michael Stuart Brown - Memorandum of Decision Granting Motion for Summary Judgment Filed By JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A. Honorable Ernest M. Robles
06/15/2021 In re: Anthony Joseph Kassas - Memorandum Regarding Certification For Direct Appeal To Ninth Circuit Court Of Appeals Of Judgment Of Non-Dischargeability Honorable Ernest M. Robles
06/14/2021 In re: Anthony Joseph Kassas - Memorandum of Decision Finding that Indebtedness owed to the Client Security Fund of the State Bar of California in Non-Dischargeable in Bankruptcy Honorable Ernest M. Robles
06/09/2021 In re: Khurram Mohammed, Memorandum of Decision Granting in Part And Denying in Part Plaintiff’s Motion for Default Judgment Honorable Ernest M. Robles
06/08/2021 In re: Collab9, LLC - Memorandum of Decision on Avaya's Motion to Dismiss, Convert, or Appoint a Chapter 11 Trustee Honorable Ernest M. Robles
06/01/2021 In re: Glen E. Pyle - Memorandum of Opinion on Motion by Marc H. Berry to Enforce Stipulation and Order Of 10-4-2017 for Disbursal of Gross Proceeds and for an Award Of Attorney’s Fees And Costs Honorable Maureen A. Tighe
05/21/2021 In re: Terry Lee Fleming, Sr - Memorandum Decision Overruling Objections Of Havasu Lakeshore Investments, Llc To Confirmation Of Joint Plan Proponents’ Amended Chapter 11 Plan Dated February 12, 2021 Honorable Mark S. Wallace
05/20/2021 In re: Carlos Ernesto Salazar and Adela Salazar - Order Granting in Part and Denying in Part Ex Parte Motion of United States Trustee to Reopen Chapter 7 Case Under 11 U.S.C. Section 350(B) and Direct Appointment of Trustee Honorable Robert Kwan
05/18/2021 In re: Dean Harris - Memorandum Regarding Certification for Direct Appeal to Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals of Order Disallowing Homestead Exemption Claim Honorable Ernest M. Robles
05/17/2021 In re: Michael Alan Barn and Dena Rae Bark - Memorandum of Decision Denying Motion to Reopen Honorable Ernest M. Robles
05/14/2021 In re: Betty Jean Sewell - Order Denying Debtor's Motion To Reopen Case to Amend Her Bankruptcy Schedules to Add an Omitted Debt and Creditor Honorable Robert Kwan
05/13/2021 In re: Donyel Betrice Johnson - Order Dismissing Case Following Hearing To Show Cause Why The Case Should Not Be Dismissed Because Plaintiff (1) Is Not Represented By Counsel; And (2) Is Not Proceeding As A Legal Entity Honorable Mark D. Houle
05/12/2021 In re: Young Jin Yoon- Memorandum Decision And Order Granting In Part And Denying In Part Plaintiff’S Motion For Summary Judgment Honorable Mark D. Houle
05/12/2021 In re: Curtin C. Magleby - Order (1) denying debtor's motion to disallow newly scheduled but unasserted claims of Citibank, Bank of America, and Capital One (claims of creditors of Cindy S. Magleby) [Group 2] without prejudice; and (2) vacating hearing. Honorable Robert Kwan
05/10/2021 In re: 450 S. Western, LLC, a California limited liability company - Memorandum of Decision Granting Motion to Dismiss Complaint with Prejudice Honorable Ernest M. Robles
05/05/2021 In re: Art & Architecture Books Of The 21st Century -Memorandum Decision And Order On Plan Agent’S Motion For Leave To Amend Sixth Amended Complaint Honorable Robert Kwan
04/22/2021 In re: Dennis Edward Lake - Memorandum Decision and Order Re: Motion of Plaintiff Federal Trade Commission for Summary Judgment Honorable Mark S. Wallace
04/01/2021 In re: Zacky & Sons Poultry, LLC. - Order granting in part and denying in part Gemelli Group LLC's motion to set aside relief from stay order Honorable Robert Kwan
03/25/2021 In re: Giorgio Christian Valenton - Order Denying Debtor's Motion To Reopen Chapter 7 Case For The Specific Purpose of filing a Reaffirmation Honorable Robert Kwan
03/17/2021 In re: Dean M. Harris - Memorandum of Decision on Debtor's Motion to Clarify Scope of Order Granting Motion for Relief From Stay Honorable Ernest M. Robles
03/15/2021 In re: R44 Lending Group, LLC - Order Confirming Debtor’s Fifth Amended Plan of Reorganization Honorable Neil W. Bason
03/08/2021 In re: Dana Hollister - Memorandum Decision Denying Debtor's Financing Motion Honorable Neil W. Bason
03/08/2021 In re: Francisco Lugo Abundis - Memorandum of Decision Granting Motion to Dismiss Compliant as Untimely Honorable Ernest M. Robles
03/05/2021 In re: James Alan Ritter and Debra Michelle Ritter - Memorandum of Decision Denying Debtors's Motion Under 11 U.S.C. Section 1328(i) for an Order Granting an Immediate Discharge of Dischargeable Debts Honorable Maureen A. Tighe
03/04/2021 In re: Arturo Gonzalez - Memorandum Decision On Motion By Chapter 7 Trustee, Wesley H. Avery, Joined By Defendant Anerio Altman, For Order Dismissing Complaint Pursuant To Frcp 12(B)(6) Without Leave To Amend Due To Issue Preclusion, Claim Preclusion And Honorable Robert Kwan
03/01/2021 In re: Kevin James Quinn - Memorandum decision re: plaintiff complaint objecting to debtor's discharge under 11 U.S.C. sections 727(a)(3) and (a)(4)(A) Honorable Neil W. Bason
02/26/2021 In re: John Thymes and Shirley Thymes - Memorandum of Decision Denying Motion to Vacate Dismissal Order Honorable Ernest M. Robles
02/25/2021 In re: Simin Borjkhani - Order Denying Motion To Avoid Lien With Citibank Honorable Robert Kwan
02/17/2021 In re: Dean Harris - Memorandum of Decision Denying Motion to Dismiss Bankruptcy Case Honorable Ernest M. Robles
02/16/2021 In re: Peli Popovich Hunt - Memorandum of Decision Approving the Trustee’s Final Report and Awarding Fees and Expenses to the Estate’s Professionals Honorable Ernest M. Robles
02/08/2021 In re: Mary Katherine Cummins-Cobb - Order denying defendant's motion to dismiss and plaintiff's ex parte motion to strike and vacating hearing. Honorable Robert Kwan
01/27/2021 In re: GL Master Inc., Memorandum Decision Re: Alleged employees' motion for contempt and sanctions Honorable Neil W. Bason
01/21/2021 In re: Diana R. Beard-Williams - Memorandum Decision on Debtor's Motion for Order to Show Cause Re: Contempt Against Oscar Aleman and Helen Acosta, Docket No. 63. Honorable Robert Kwan
01/15/2021 In re: Kevin Garnier - Memorandum Of Decision Finding That Plaintiff Rolando Blue Is Not Entitled To A Judgment Of Non-Dischargeability Against Defendant Kevin Garnier Honorable Ernest M. Robles
01/11/2021 In re: Phachira Ketkaew - Memorandum of Decision Finding That Plaintiffs Are Entitled to The Entry of Default Judgment Against Defendant Honorable Ernest M. Robles
01/08/2021 In re: Nikolay Machevsky - Memorandum decision re: chapter 7 trustee's ex parte motion for order: (1) requiring debtor and any third parties to immediately turn over the real property located at 10701 Wilshire Boulevard, Unit 1802 and 1803 Los Angeles, Ca Honorable Robert Kwan