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10/16/2020 In re: Swing House Rehearsal and Recording Inc., - Order re: Motion Pursuant to Local Bankruptcy Rule 2090-1(a)(1) to Withdraw As Counsel. Honorable Robert Kwan
10/08/2020 In re: Olinda Esperanza Lytle - Order Confirming Debtor’s Plan Of Reorganization Honorable Neil W. Bason
09/30/2020 In re: Shelli D. Cross - Memorandum Decision Regarding Debtor's Objection to Proof of Claim 6-2 Honorable Neil W. Bason
09/29/2020 In re: John Martin Kennedy - Memorandum Decision Re: Debtor Motion to Assume and Enforce Mediation Term Sheet Honorable Neil W. Bason
09/28/2020 In re: Angel Rodriguez Lara and Angelica Soto Calva - Memorandum Decision on Valuation Motion, Proposed Plan, and Case Status Honorable Neil W. Bason
09/28/2020 In re: Candelario Lora - Tentative Ruling on Plan Confirmation and Disclosure Statement Issues Honorable Neil W. Bason
09/25/2020 In re: Thomas Ernesto Merino - Memorandum of Decision Finding that Plaintiff is not entitled to a Judgement of Non-Dischargeability Honorable Ernest M. Robles
09/10/2020 In re: Ryan James McMillin - Memorandum Of Decision Discharging Order Requiring Defendant To Show Cause Why Defendant's Answer Should Not Be Stricken And Why Default Judgment Should Not Be Entered In Favor Of Plaintiff Honorable Ernest M. Robles
09/04/2020 In re: Jeffrey Mark Freeman - Memorandum Decision Upon Remand Honorable Neil W. Bason
09/03/2020 In re: Verity Health System of California, Inc., et al., - Memorandum of Decision Sustaining in Part and Overruling in Part Strategic Global Management, Inc.’s Objection to the Form of the Order Confirming the Modified Second Amended Plan Honorable Ernest M. Robles
08/14/2020 In re: Maria Teresa Chavez - Memorandum Decision and Order Regarding Entry of Chapter 13 Discharge Honorable Deborah J. Saltzman
08/07/2020 In re: Verity Health System of California, Inc., et al., - Memorandum of Decision Finding that Prospect Medical Lacks Standing to Oppose the Debtors' Emergency Motion to Enforce the Sale Order Honorable Ernest M. Robles
08/03/2020 In re: Rama Krishna Chaparala_Statement Of Uncontroverted Facts And Conclusions Of Law In Supportof Renewed Motion Of Plaintiff Forsummary Judgment Honorable Robert Kwan
07/31/2020 In re: Verity Health System of California, Inc., et al., - Memorandum of Decision Granting Debtors’ Omnibus Motion to Reject and Terminate Collective Bargaining Agreements Honorable Ernest M. Robles
07/31/2020 In re: John Martin Mata & Livier Mata - Memorandum Decision and Order Granting Defendants’ Motion for Summary Judgment Honorable Mark D. Houle
07/23/2020 In re: Rosalina Lizardo Harris - Memorandum of Decision Denying Motion for Sanctions Pursuant to Bankruptcy Rule 9011 And 11 U.S.C. § 105(A) [Relates to Doc. No. 40] Honorable Ernest M. Robles
07/23/2020 In re: Rosalina Lizardo Harris - Memorandum of Decision Granting Motion for Attorneys’ Fees Under 42 U.S.C. § 1988 [Relates to Doc. No. 38] Honorable Ernest M. Robles
07/23/2020 In re: Tracey P. Nubia - Memorandum Decision Denying Motion to Avoid Junior Lien Honorable Neil W. Bason
07/21/2020 In re: Steve William Nolan - Order and Memorandum Decision Overruling Trustee’s Objection to Debtor’s Claimed Homestead Exemption Honorable Scott C. Clarkson
07/21/2020 In re: Bernd Schaefers - Report and Recommendation to The District Court Regarding Defendants' Motions for Summary Judgment Honorable Martin R. Barash
07/17/2020 In re: Marisa Moreno - Memorandum of Decision Honorable Wayne Johnson
07/10/2020 In re: Bradley and Allison Barnes - Memorandum Decision on Debtors’ Motion for an Order to Show Cause Why Wvbagd, LLC and Its Attorneys Kevin Eikenberry, Peter J. Veiguela, and Fidelity National Law Group Should Not Be Held in Contempt of Court for Violat Honorable Robert Kwan
07/08/2020 In Re: Angelica-Valdez,- Order Denying, Without Prejudice, Motion of Rebecca Lim for Relief from Discharge Injunction and Determination that Injunction is Inapplicable Honorable Robert Kwan
07/07/2020 In Re: Prototype Engineering & Manufacturing, Inc.,- Memorandum Decision Granting In Part And Denying In Part Defendants’ Motion To Expunge Lis Pendens Honorable Robert Kwan
06/24/2020 In re: Prototype Engineering & Manufacturing, Inc., - Order re: Motion to Approve Stipulation to Modify Automatic Stay to Permit Crash Victim Claimants to Liquidate Claims Against The Estate Honorable Robert Kwan
06/15/2020 In re: 8590 Sunset A-FS, LLC dba Cafe Primo, Debtor. - Memorandum of Decision Authorizing Chapter 7 Trustee to File First Amended Complaint Honorable Ernest M. Robles
06/03/2020 in re: Michael Bonert and Vivien Bonert - Memorandum of Decision Authorizing Debtors to Proceed Under Subchapter V of Chapter 11 Honorable Ernest M. Robles
05/28/2020 In re: David Lee - Memorandum decision on claim of lender YCCS LLC, for attorneys' fees and costs on its secured claim under 11 U.S.C. Section 506(b) and debtor's objection thereto. Honorable Robert Kwan
05/28/2020 In re: Sandra Lisa Sandoval - Order Denying Motion to settle property division claim for $-0- Honorable Neil W. Bason
05/19/2020 In re: Alvin Yap Edillor - Separate statement of decision on motion of chapter 7 trustee for order approving settlement with debtor, Jocelyn Edillor and Ophelia Edillor Honorable Robert Kwan
05/05/2020 In re: Arka Sangbarani Oroojian - Order abstaining from determining plaintiff's tort claims against defendant underlying her debt dischargeability claim in this adversary proceeding, granting stay relief sua sponte to allow State Court action to liquidate Honorable Robert Kwan
04/28/2020 In re: Stephen Winner - Memorandum of Decision Denying Emergency Motion to Vacate April 20, 2020 Order And To Reinstate Automatic Stay Honorable Ernest M. Robles
04/21/2020 In re: Jonathan Andrew Arid - Memorandum of Decision Granting Debtor’s Motion To Avoid Lien Under 11 U.S.C. § 522(F), And, If Applicable, For Turnover Of Property (Personal Property) Honorable Ernest M. Robles
04/21/2020 In re: Korean Western Presbyterian Church of Los Angeles - Memorandum Decision (A) That the Automatic Stay Covers State Court Litigation But (B) Determining That “Cause” Exists to Modify The Stay So That Such Litigation May Proceed Honorable Neil W. Bason
04/21/2020 In re: Korean Western Presbyterian Church of Los Angeles - Memorandum Decision to Appoint Chapter 11 Trustee Honorable Neil W. Bason
04/13/2020 In re: Catalina Sea Ranch, LLC - Memorandum Decision Granting Motion Sell Assets Free and Clear of All Interests, Including Successor Liability Honorable Neil W. Bason
04/09/2020 In re: David MacMillan and Cynthia Barrett Martin - Memorandum Decision Denying Plaintiff’s Motion ror Partial Summary Judgment Under 11 U.S.C. § 727(A)(4), (A)(5), And (A)(6) Honorable Neil W. Bason
04/01/2020 In re: Crystal Cathedral Ministries - Memorandum Decision and Order on Motion of Respondent Carol Milner for Sanctions Under Federal Rule of Bankruptcy Procedure 9011 or The Court’s Inherent Authority Against Debtor, Crystal Cathedral Ministries, and Debt Honorable Robert Kwan
03/25/2020 In re: John Thymes and Shirley Thymes - Memorandum of Decision Denying Motion for Reconsideration Honorable Ernest M. Robles
03/19/2020 In re: Mary Cummins-Cobb - Order Denying (1) Defendant’s Ex Parte Motion to Stay Proceedings Relating to The Judgment In The Adversary Proceeding and The Appeal in The Adversary Proceeding and The Bankruptcy Case; and (2) Application for Order Shortening Honorable Robert Kwan
03/17/2020 In re: Serapio Venegas - Order Denying Motion of Alliance United Insurance Company to Dismiss Bankruptcy Case Honorable Robert Kwan
03/17/2020 In re: Jose Uribe-Soltero - Order Denying Motion of Merchants Acquisition Group LLC for an Order Authorizing Debtor Examination and Production of Documents Under Bankruptcy Rule 2004 Honorable Robert Kwan
03/12/2020 Memorandum of Decision Denying Debtors’ Motion to Vacate Order Denying Motion to Avoid Lien Under 11 U.S.C. §522(F) Honorable Ernest M. Robles
03/10/2020 In re: Paul Gregory Katona and Gail Marie Katona - Memorandum Decision and Order Following Trial Honorable Mark S. Wallace
03/04/2020 In re: Invensure Insurance Brokers, Inc. - Order and Memorandum Decision Sustaining Debtor's Objection to Claim #5 Honorable Scott C. Clarkson
02/28/2020 In re: 2034 Sunset Plaza Drive, LLC - Memorandum Decision Denying Motion of Pivotal Capital for Order Determining That Debtor’s Real Property Is Single Asset Real Estate Honorable Sheri Bluebond
02/28/2020 In re: Charles E. Cowser - Memorandum of Decision Regarding Confirmation of Chapter 13 Plan Honorable Wayne Johnson
02/21/2020 In re: Progressive Solutions, Inc., - Order Regarding Motion for Order Authorizing Amendment of Chapter 11 Petition to Elect Subchapter V, and Confirmation of Amended Chapter 11 Small Business Plan Honorable Scott C. Clarkson
02/11/2020 In re: Bernd Schaefers - Memorandum of Decision Denying Motion to Strike Notice of Appeal Honorable Martin R. Barash
02/10/2020 In re: Mary Cummins-Cobb - Statement of Uncontroverted Facts and Conclusions of Law on Defendant’s Motion for Partial Summary Judgment Honorable Robert Kwan