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Filing Fees

Official Time of Filing

The official time of filing is when a document is entered and docketed in CM/ECF,  regardless of the filing method (in person, electronically through CM/ECF, through eSR or EDB).

See Important Information Regarding Filing Fees for Self-Represented Litigants:

The Court is not accepting cash at this time. Please do not mail cash. The Court will accept payment by U.S. Postal Service money orders and cashier’s checks issued by an acceptable financial institution. See General Orders for further details.

EFFECTIVE 12/1/2023

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The Bankruptcy Court will accept U. S. Postal Service money orders, cashier’s checks issued by an acceptable financial institution, attorney or law firm checks (payable to the U.S. Bankruptcy Court) and American Express, Discover, MasterCard, and VISA for payment of fees. Credit card transactions must be made in person by the cardholder; however, this does not apply to electronically filed documents. The Court does not accept personal checks or credit cards from debtors to pay fees. All attorney/law firm checks must include a current pre-printed name, street address, telephone number, and California attorney bar number. Please do not send cash through the mail. The current fees for filing documents with the Bankruptcy Court are as follows:

New Petitions:  
Chapter 7 $338.00
Chapter 9 $1,738.00
Chapter 11 $1,738.00
Chapter 12 (Family Farmer) $278.00
Chapter 13 $313.00
Chapter 15 $1,738.00
Case Reopening:2  
Chapter 7 $260.00
Chapter 9                $1,167.00
Chapter 11 $1,167.00
Chapter 12 $200.00
Chapter 13 $235.00
Chapter 15           $1,167.00
Case Conversions:  
Chapter 7 to Chapter 13 None
Chapter 7 to Chapter 11 $922.00
Chapter 11 to Chapter 7 $15.00
Chapter 12 to Chapter 7 $60.00
Chapter 13 to Chapter 11 $932.00
Chapter 13 to Chapter 7 $25.00
Schedules D or E/F $34.00
Master Mailing List (exceptions listed in "Miscellaneous Fee Schedule") $34.00
Motion to Compel Abandonment of Property $199.00
Motion to Terminate, Annul, Modify, or Condition of the Automatic Stay $199.00
Motion to Withdraw Reference $199.00
Motion to Sell Property of the Estate Free & Clear of Liens under 11 U.S.C. §363(f) $199.00
Motion to make redactions to previously filed documents in a bankruptcy case $28.00
Abstract of Judgment $9.00
Appeal* $298.00
Certification $12.00
Claims Transfer       $28.00
Complaint (Adversary Proceeding) $350.00
Cross-Appeal* $298.00
Exemplification $24.00
Filing or Indexing of Miscellaneous Paper $52.00
Issuance of Out of District Subpoena $52.00
Photocopies Made by Court Personnel (per page) $0.50
Printed Copies from Courthouse Public Terminal (per page) $0.10
Registration of Judgment from Another District $52.00
Reproduction of Audio Recording (regardless of the medium) $34.00
Retrieval of Records from NARA (first box) $70.00
Retrieval Involving Multiple Boxes of NARA Records (each additional box) $43.00
Retrieval of Records from NARA via Smart Scan $20.90
plus .65 per page
Returned Fee Charge (e.g., insufficient funds, disputed charges) $53.00
Search of Court Records (each name/item searched) $34.00


1 Issued in accordance with 28 U.S.C. § 1930(b) and FRBP 1006.

2 The Court collects the fee unless a party files a complaint to obtain a determination under Rule 4007(b); or when a debtor files a motion to reopen a case based on alleged violation of the terms of the discharge under 11 U.S.C. § 524; or whether the reopening is to correct an administrative error.

* If the Court of Appeals authorizes a direct appeal, or direct cross appeal, an additional fee of $307.00 will be collected by the bankruptcy clerk. 

December 1, 2023