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Order Audio Recordings of Hearings

When parties request audio recordings of court proceedings, the information is provided on a compact disc (CD). The Judicial Conference has set the cost of each CD at $34.00. Payment is required for each hearing date before an audio request may be processed. Audio requests are ordinarily completed within two business days from receipt of payment. The ordering party will be notified by telephone when the audio request is ready for pick up.  CD’s will be mailed if postage paid envelope is provided.


Audio requests provided on compact discs (CDs) may be purchased from the court in lieu of a transcript for personal use only and are not the official record. The official record of court proceedings can only be obtained in the form of a transcript through a court-approved Transcription Service Provider from materials provided to that transcriber by the court (see The Central Guide Section 1-20). 


  • U.S. Government Agencies are exempt from paying a fee for an audio CD.
  • All other requests for audio CDs require a fee, unless the fee is waived by Court Order (attach a copy of the Court Order to the Audio CD of Court Proceedings Request Form.

The Meeting of Creditors is recorded by the Trustee. The Court does not keep or provide a copy of the recording. For 341(a) Recording Request Procedures, visit the U.S. Trustee website


Parties  with  an  ECF  account  must  file  the  Audio  Recording  of  Court  Proceedings  Order  Form  in CM/ECF on the related case docket. Use docket event “Request for CD of Court Proceedings (Fee).” As with all ECF filings, the completed PDF Order Form must be “flattened” before electronically filing through  ECF  (click  here  to  view  the flattening procedure).  Self-represented  litigants  and  parties  without an ECF account may hand-deliver or mail the form to the division where the hearing was held.

Questions regarding audio recordings may be directed to the Court's Call Center online chat or toll free number (855) 460-9641. The Court does not accept  audio recording requests via fax, email or telephone.

Download Audio Recording Order Form