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CM-ECF Electronic Learning Modules (ELMs) for Online Training

To Receive a Valid CM/ECF Login, all registrants requiring training with the Bankruptcy Court, Central District of California MUST:

Review the list of Electronic Learning Modules (ELM) required for the particular group for which they are registering:
  • Selecting from the groups of ELMs listed below, Attorneys, Limited Filers, and Other Professionals must complete the required modules and applicable quizzes for that particular group  
  • Each module contains a required quiz that must be passed successfully.  Upon completion of the required quiz, print the quiz summary page, containing your score and confirmation code, scan it to a PDF and submit to the Court once all required ELMs have been reviewed  
Submit Quiz Summary Pages and Certificate of Completion:
  • To submit the quiz summary pages and Certificate of Completion you must print, scan and email all of the quiz summary pages and physically sign (wet signature) the Certificate of Completion of Online Training to the ECF Help Desk at  
  • A LIVE login will be issued to you via email upon 1.) verification of your registration, 2.) review of the quiz summary pages, 3.) the Certificate of Online Training and 4.) receipt of a PACER e-file registration.
Receive a LIVE login:
  • Please allow 5 – 7 business days for your CM/ECF LIVE login to be issued
To View Modules: Click on the title of the module hyperlink to activate/launch the module. The modules play as streaming video files via the internet. (Note: Print, Complete, Sign and Email the signed Certificate of Completion of Online Training with your quizzes)

For Attorney Users

  1. Logging into CM/ECF through Central Sign-on (coming soon)
  2. Complete Petition  [ A | B | C ]
  3. Incomplete Petition  [ A | B | C ]
  4. (6:27 Mins)
  5. Creditor Upload (4:18 Mins)
  6. Judge/Trustee Assignment (3:85 Mins)
  7. Certificate for Credit Counseling (7:02 Mins)
  8. Schedules for Incomplete Petition [ A | B | C ]
  9. Motion to Re-open Case (7:18 Mins)
  10. Notice of Hearing (5:47 Mins)
  11. Response (5:52 Mins)
  12. Adversary/Complaint [ A | B | C ]
  13. Summons Service Executed (4:70 Mins)
  14. Lodge Orders Upload (LOU) (11:32 Mins)
  15. Filing Agents for Attorney & Trustees (pdf)
  16. Involuntary Petition (5:93 Mins)
For Limited Creditor Filers
  1. Logging into CM/ECF through Central Sign-on (coming soon)
  2. Proof of Claim (4:13 Mins)
  3. Amended Proof of Claim (4:89 Mins)
  4. Request for Courtesy Notification (NEF) (4:35 Mins)
  5. Adding a Creditor to File a Proof of Claim (3:70 Mins)
For Other Professional Filers
  1. Logging into CM/ECF through Central Sign-on (coming soon)
  2. Motion for Compensation (4:70 Mins)
  3. Notice of Motion/Application (3.95 Mins) 
  4. Lodge Orders Upload (LOU) (11:32 Mins))
  5. Mediators (6:54 Mins)

For Transcribers

  1. Logging into CM/ECF through Central Sign-on (coming soon)
  2. Transcriber Information and Procedures Booklet (Rev. 10/25/2021)

Please Note: Practice Assignments for Transcribers [ Mock Transcript_bk | Mock Transcript_ap ]