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Serving Copies of Documents on Chambers

Copies of documents must be served on Judges in chambers no later than 24 hours after the documents have been filed, by personal delivery, overnight mail, or United States mail.

Here are a couple of reasons why it is important to serve copies on Judges:

  • Judges do not receive copies of documents filed via ECF and these copies are the first means of notifying the Judge that documents have been filed
  • Judges and their staff need copies of documents to work from and prepare for future hearings

Tips on serving Judges' copies:

  • The Judge's copy is required to be tabbed, if applicable
  • Place the Judge's copy in the appropriate bin (for further information about where the Judges' bins are located, see the The Central Guide Section 2-02
  • Judges' copies do not need to be blue-backed, nor hole-punched
  • If the document was filed electronically, the ECF receipt (commonly referred to as an NEF) should be attached to the document

Refer to Local Bankruptcy Rule 5005-2(d), which requires that a copy of every document* filed must be served on the Judge who presides over the bankruptcy case or adversary proceeding.

* Some exceptions to the requirement of serving Judges copies are chapter 7 petition documents, proofs of claims, and motions filed without a hearing per LBR 9013-1(o).  For a complete list of exceptions see The Central Guide Section 2-02.