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Addresses: Federal and State Government Agencies

2-03:  Addresses: Federal and State Government Agencies

There are many scenarios under which a party must serve or provide written notice to a federal or state agency.  FRBP 5003(e) allows federal agencies and state agencies to designate an address for notice and service of documents. 

  • See link below to addresses for common federal and state agencies that require service and/or notice of documents in adversary proceedings, contested matters, and objectiions to claims.

Listed below are important situations in which a federal or state agency must be served. 

  1. FRBP 7004 requires service of summons and complaints using specific service methods at specific addresses for federal agencies and state agencies.      
  2. FRBP 9014(b) requires service of initial motions in contested matters in the same manner and at the same addresses required under FRBP 7004.    
  3. FRBP 9014(b) and other rules require service of additional documents in the manner and at addresses required under FRBP 7005 and FRCP Rule 5(b).
  4. LBR 2002-2(c)(1-2) contains information on serving documents on the Internal Revenue Service when the Internal Revenue Service is a named party in the proceeding.  
Section 2 - Serving Documents & Giving Notice
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