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What is DeBN?

DEBTOR ELECTRONIC BANKRUPTCY NOTICING (DeBN) is a FREE and voluntary service that allows debtors to request delivery of orders and court-generated notices by email rather than by U.S. Mail at a mailing address.
How does DeBN work?
Debtor signs and files a Debtor’s Request to Activate Electronic Noticing (DeBN) form, the court registers the debtor for a DeBN account, the BNC sends a confirmation email to the debtor.  All future orders and court-generated notices are sent to the debtor as a single PDF attachment to an email. A separate email is sent for each order or court-generated notice. PDF attachments exceeding 8 MB will be sent by U.S. mail to the debtor’s mailing address, as these orders and court-generated notices are too large to be sent by email. The DeBN account still remains active. There is no cost to view a PDF attachment and no limit to the number of times a PDF attachment can be viewed. The PDF attachment can be printed, saved to a computer, or retained for viewing any time.
Who is the BNC?
The BANKRUPTCY NOTICING CENTER (BNC) sends orders and court-generated notices from all bankruptcy courts to debtors and others parties in bankruptcy cases.
What are Orders and Court-Generated Notices?
Orders and court-generated notices are documents filed by bankruptcy courts. Here are some examples:
  • Meeting of Creditors Notice
  • Notice of Case Commencement [Deficiency, or Order to Comply with Bankruptcy Rule 1007/3015(b)]
  • Notice of Requirement to Complete Course in Financial Management
  • Order Confirming Chapter 13 Plan
  • Order of Discharge of Debtor
  • Order on Motion for Relief from Stay
  • Notice of Dismissal
Who can send me emails?
A debtor who requests DeBN consents to service by email of ONLY orders and court-generated notices. The BNC will send emails to debtors on behalf of the court.
No other parties are allowed to send documents to the debtor by email. All other parties, including creditors and trustees, must continue to serve documents upon the debtor according to court rules, i.e. by U.S. Mail, overnight mail, or personal delivery.
How do I request DeBN?
SIGN UP FOR DeBN - It’s easy!
  • Complete a Debtor's Request to Activate Electronic Noticing form
  • File the form in person at the clerk’s office (photo ID required), or have your attorney file the form. DeBN forms cannot be filed by mail at this time.
  • The BNC will send an email that displays your personal DeBN account number and indicates your DeBN account has been activated.
How do I update my DeBN account?
Complete and file a Debtor’s Request to Update DeBN Account (DeBN) form if:
  • Your email address changes.
  • You wish to reactivate a DeBN account that was deactivated.
  • Complete and file a Change of Address form if your mailing address changes.
Where can I file my DeBN Forms?
U.S. Bankruptcy Court Locations
255 E. Temple Street
Los Angeles, CA 90012
411 West Fourth Street
Santa Ana, CA 92701-4593
1415 State Street
Santa Barbara, CA 93101
3420 Twelfth Street
Riverside, CA 92501-3819
21041 Burbank Boulevard
Woodland Hills, California 91367