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Addresses: Courthouses: JUDGE'S COPIES; Documents Filed under Seal

2-02:  Addresses: Courthouses: JUDGE'S COPIES; Documents Filed under Seal

LBR 5005-2(d) provides the requirement to serve a judge's copy of many documents.  A judge's copy is important to get your papers in front of the court as quickly as possible.

See link below for requirements on assembling and serving a judge's copy, which includes the requirement that a judge's copy must be stapled or bound in a way that the binding remains in place while the judge's copy is read.  . 

That TCG Supplement also identifies which documents DO NOT require a judge's copy, and which documents are required to be sent to the judge.          

See link in section 4 to LBR 5003-2(c) regarding filing documents under seal, and how that scenario impacts delivery of a judge's copy.


Section 2 - Serving Documents & Giving Notice
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