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Query allows you to view a variety of information about a case, such as a list of attorneys or current status, as well as the docket sheet.

NOTE: You may select Mobile Query and follow the prompts to search from your mobile device.

  1. Click Query. Search by any of the following possible options (entering as much information as available):
  • Case Number
  • Last Name or Business Name (not case sensitive)
  • Social Security Number or Tax ID Number
  • Type (Bankruptcy or Adversary)
  • Check Open Cases or Closed Cases
  • Date Filed or Last Entry Date (if exact date is unknown, enter date range prior to the probable filing date)
  • Nature of Suit (For Adversary - AP or Miscellaneous - MP Cases) Select from drop-down list
  1. Click Run Query.
  2. Review case information.
  3. Select the appropriate hyperlink for your query.
  • Alias - lists aka's, dba's, etc
  • Associated Cases - lists associated adversary proceedings
  • Attorneys - lists participating attorneys
  • Case File Location - displays the location of the case file
  • Case Summary - summarizes the case
  • Creditor - lists creditors
  • Deadlines/Hearings - lists deadlines and hearings
  • Docket Report - summary of filed documents
  • Filers - lists all case participants
  • History/Documents - lists documents filed in date order
  • Judge - displays Judge associated with case
  • Notice of Bankruptcy Case Filing- displays the Electronic File stamp with date and time of filing
  • Party - lists participating parties
  • Related Transactions - lists related or linked transactions
  • Status - lists current case status
  • Trustee - lists the trustee assigned to the case
  • View Document - lists documents associated with case
  • Filing Fee - displays fees associated with case
  • Claims Register - lists all claims filed in the case
  • Creditor Mailing Matrix - lists all creditors in the case