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Honorable Magdalena Reyes Bordeaux

Beginning September 1, 2022, Judge Reyes Bordeaux will hold hearings in person and remotely via

In Person Appearance Policies

Parties may appear in person for hearings at United States Bankruptcy Court located at 3420 Twelfth Street, Riverside, CA 92501 in Courtroom 303. Parties appearing in person must wear face masks, practice social distancing, and comply with all applicable guidelines of the United States Bankruptcy Court, Central District of California, and any additional requirements required under California State Law at the time of the hearing. Please note that Judge Reyes Bordeaux will not be wearing a mask.

Remote Appearance Policies

Parties may also appear remotely for hearings using ZoomGov, which permits parties to appear by video or by telephone. Hearing participants and members of the public may use ZoomGov free of charge to connect to hearings before Judge Reyes Bordeaux. Video and audio connection information for each hearing will be publicly posted on Judge Reyes Bordeaux’s hearing calendar.

If you have an evidentiary hearing or trial scheduled, the court will contact you to discuss arrangements.

Judge’s Copies: Please note that no judge’s copy of any document is required unless a copy is requested by chambers.  Judge Reyes Bordeaux does not require a judge’s copy or a call to chambers to advise that a document was filed, notwithstanding the requirement in General Order 20-12.

Don’t Have an Attorney?  For resources and additional information, look here.

Judge Tabs

United States Bankruptcy Court
Central District of California
3420 Twelfth Street, Suite 365 / Courtroom 303
Riverside, CA 92501-3819

(951) 774-1043

Courtroom Deputy
(951) 774-1054

Court Recorder Contact
(951) 774-1054

Emergency Motion Contacts
(951) 774-1044
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Phone/Video Appearances

Judge Reyes Bordeaux's
Procedures for Video & Telephonic Appearances

Judge Reyes Bordeaux will hold hearings in person and remotely via Please see above regarding in person and remote appearance policies.

Individuals may use a personal computer (equipped with camera, microphone and speaker), or a mobile device (such as an iPhone) to appear by ZoomGov video and ZoomGov audio. Individuals may also use a telephone to appear by ZoomGov audio only (standard telephone charges may apply). A Zoom or ZoomGov account is not necessary to connect to the hearings and no pre-registration is required. The audio portion of each hearing will be recorded electronically by the Court and constitutes its official record.

A Zoom or ZoomGov account is not necessary to participate in the hearings and no pre-registration is required. The audio portion of each hearing will be recorded electronically by the Court and will constitutes its official record.

Tips for a Successful ZoomGov Court Experience

  1. If connected to ZoomGov audio by telephone, you can mute or unmute your connection by pressing *6 on your phone.
  2. Unless and until it is your turn to speak, please mute your audio to minimize background noise. 
  3. If available, a headset-microphone often provides better sound quality for listening and speaking. 
  4. Test the video and audio capabilities of your computer or mobile device in advance of the hearing (i.e., at least one day in advance). You can do this by clicking on the ZoomGov meeting link posting for the hearing and/or check your video and audio using the ZoomGov app.
  5. If you intend to speak at the hearing, please find a quiet place from which to participate.
  6. If you are connecting to the hearing using a wireless device, you should situate yourself in a location with a strong wireless signal.
  7. When you first speak—and each time you speak after someone else has spoken—please say your name. This may seem awkward but is essential to making a good court record. The only part of the hearing being recorded is the audio. If a transcript is requested, it is sometimes difficult for the transcriber to know who is speaking.
  8. If you are participating by video, try to avoid having a window or bright background behind you. (You may, as a result, appear on video as a shadow.) If you cannot avoid the bright background, try using a desk lamp or other light source to brighten your face.
  9. Participants and members of the public should at all times remember that although conducted remotely, these hearings are official court proceedings, and individuals should act accordingly.
    1. If video is enabled, please wear attire consistent with the decorum of court proceedings.
    2. ZoomGov permits the use of virtual backgrounds to safeguard your privacy. If you choose to use a virtual background, please avoid backgrounds that are offensive or distracting.
  10. ZoomGov video participants are permitted to specify a display name. If using video, please specify your complete name to assist the Court in creating a record of the proceedings.


Printable version of Judge Reyes Bordeaux Procedures for Video & Telephonic Appearances

Tentative Rulings
Chambers Employment

Current Opportunities

EXTERNSHIPS  – Accepting Applications for Fall Semester 2022

Primary responsibilities for externs include extensive legal research and writing on a broad range of issues. Externs will prepare bench memoranda on a variety of substantive bankruptcy issues and will be provided with the opportunity to observe hearings and trials. In addition to working on core bankruptcy concepts, externs will assist with matters dealing with secured transactions, real property law, family law, evidence, and federal practice and procedure. Knowledge of bankruptcy and commercial law are helpful, but there are no prerequisites. Externships may be part-time (approximately 20 hours) or full-time.

Applications:  Please send a letter of interest with résumé, law school transcript and writing sample to:

Judge Magdalena Reyes Bordeaux
United States Bankruptcy Court
3420 Twelfth Street, Suite 365
Riverside, CA 92501-3819

About the Judge
  • U.C. Irvine, 1992, B.A. Political Science & Humanities
  • U.C.L.A. School of Law, 1997, Managing Editor of the UCLA Journal of Law & Technology
Career Record
  • 2009-2022, Public Counsel, Los Angeles, California
  • 2008-2009, Winterbotham Parham Teeple, West Covina, California
  • 2004-2008, Legal Aid Foundation of Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California
  • 2000-2004, Public Counsel, Los Angeles, California
  • Admitted to the California Bar, 1998
Publications or Other Media
  • “A Fresh Start,” LOS ANGELES LAWYER, Vol. 43, Issue 9, December 2020.
  • “Reaffirmation Agreements in Chapter 7 Proceedings, ”LOS ANGELES LAWYER, Vol. 35 Issue 1, March 2012.
  • “New Bankruptcy Law Increases Burden on Financially Strapped,” LOS ANGELES DAILY JOURNAL, June 2, 2006.
  • “Debtors in Pretension,” LOS ANGELES LAWYER, Vol., 27, Issue 6, September 2004.
Professional Associations
  • California Lawyers Association
  • Los Angeles Bankruptcy Forum
  • Latina Lawyers Bar Association
  • Thomas B. Donovan Public Excellence Award
  • President Emeritus Henry J. Sommer National Scholar
  • Hon. Cornelius Blackshear Presidential Fellowship
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