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Self Calendaring Tabs



STEP 1 – Check Eligibility:  
Self-calendaring is NOT available for the following matters:

  1. Emergency, ex parte, or shortened time matters;
  2. Motions to dismiss or convert a bankruptcy case;
  3. Motions to appoint a chapter 11 trustee or examiner;
  4. Initial status conferences in an adversary proceeding;
  5. Motions for “reconsideration” (i.e., a motion to vacate a prior order or judgment, or for a new trial, etc.);
  6. Motions to dismiss a complaint;
  7. Motions for judgment on the pleadings;
  8. Motions for summary judgment;
  9. Chapter 9, 11 or 13 disclosure statements or confirmation hearings;
  10. Motions for approval of a reaffirmation agreement; or
  11. Anything arising in a chapter 12 or 15 case.

For the above matters, you will need to file your motion first.  After the motion is filed, contact chambers for a hearing date.

Any other motion or application not listed above must be self-calendared.

Self-Calendared Matters that May be Heard on Shortened Notice:  The following motions can be heard on shortened time (minimum 14 days notice) without prior approval of the Court:

  1. Motions for Relief from Stay involving
    1. Residential unlawful detainer actions.
    2. At least two prior bankruptcy filings affecting the subject property within six months of the petition date.
    3. Post-petition transfers of real property to the debtor
    4. Pre-petition transfers to the debtor (1) within 90 days of the petition date or involving a fractionalized interest in real property.
  2. Motions to continue or impose the automatic stay under 11 U.S.C. § 362 (c) (3) or (4).  These motions may be set for any hearing time listed on Judge Reyes Bordeaux’s public calendar.

To self-calendar any motion listed above on shortened time, the moving party must file and serve all moving papers on the debtor, the trustee, any creditor who may be affected by the relief requested, and the creditor’s attorney, if any, by overnight mail, facsimile, or personal service at least 14 days before the date scheduled for the hearing.  Any opposition must be filed at least seven (7) days before the hearing.

STEP 2 – Review the Posted Calendar
Choose a date listed on the public calendar entitled “Judge Reyes Bordeaux’s Hearing Dates” that corresponds to your type of matter. 

Usual times/abbreviations Type of matter 
Tuesday 11am:
"LM 7"
Chapter 7 law and motion matters.
Tuesday 2 pm:
"7 and 13 AP"
Chapter 7 and 13 adversary proceeding matters.
Wednesday 11:00 am:
"7 and 13 R/S"
All chapter 7 and 13 § 362(c) or (d) relief from stay motions.

Notes: see the posted “Procedures of Judge Reyes Bordeaux” re: automatically shortened time for some matters involving the automatic stay.

Wednesday 2:00 pm:
All chapter 13 law and motion matters (e.g., claim objections, Lam motions, motions to modify confirmed plans, etc.).
Thursday 2:00 pm:
"11 all"

All chapter 11 matters, including Relief from Stay matters and adversary proceedings.

Note: If there are any other matters in the same case that are already set for 2 pm, please self-calendar your matter for the same time.

STEP 3 – File and Serve Your Papers: File and serve your notice and motion papers far enough in advance of the hearing, and on all persons entitled to notice, so as to comply with all applicable rules.

Note: The Court reserves the right to reschedule any hearing.


Starting January 1, 2024, Judge Reyes Bordeaux requires judge's copies in accordance with the Central Guide, Section 2-02.  Please see the “Instructions/ Procedures” tab for Judge Reyes Bordeaux’s updated policy on the service of Judge's Copies.


  1. Judge Reyes Bordeaux requires parties to follow all applicable noticing requirements.
  2. Under Fed. R. Bankr. P. 9007, Judge Reyes Bordeaux requires that a moving party or other party noticing a ZoomGov hearing do the following: 
    1. file and serve a completed Supplemental Notice of Hearing to Be Held Remotely Using ZoomGov Audio and Video ("Supplemental Notice"), at the same time the principal notice of such hearing is to be filed and served,  
    2. include ZoomGov audio and video information from the Supplemental Notice into the principal notice. 

Supplemental Notice form for a Bankruptcy Hearing  Click here 

Supplemental Notice form for an Adversary Proceeding  Click here 

The unique ZoomGov information, which is necessary to complete the Supplemental Notice, is posted on the first page of Judge Reyes Bordeaux’s publicly posted hearing calendar.

STEP 4 – Check for Tentative Rulings: It is your responsibility to check for Tentative Rulings. Note: Some browsers do not automatically refresh (so you will not see the latest Tentative Rulings). Pressing “Ctrl-F5” has been helpful to some in addressing this issue.

When to check for Tentative Rulings. Tentative Rulings are available approximately 24 hours before the scheduled time of the hearing (not counting weekends/holidays).  The court will post Tentative Rulings here. However, if nothing is posted, you should continue checking periodically. 

Exceptions: No Tentative Rulings are posted for (a) the chapter 13 confirmation calendar and (b) the Chapter 13 Trustee’s motion calendar (generally motions to dismiss). 

STEP 5 – Submit Proposed Orders (after the hearing):  The prevailing party should lodge a proposed order (unless otherwise instructed by the Court) after the hearing.


Revised November 14, 2023

Printable version of Judge Reyes Bordeaux's Self-Calendaring Procedures