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Notice of Removal

NOTE: Please use Adversary Case Opening instructions to file a Adversary complaint.

Processing Instructions (rev 10/28/2014):

  1. Select Adversary menu.
  2. Open AP case.
  3. Select office, case type and complaint change default to "n". 
  4. Enter lead case number.
  5. Select Counsel for Plaintiff or Defendant.
  6. Search for Plaintiff(s)  by name, social security number, or tax identification number.
  7. Select party from results list. If not listed, Add/ Create New Party.
    1. Add additional attorneys.
    2. To add additional plaintiff's repeat this step, otherwise select End Plaintiff selection
  8. Search for Defendant(s)  by name, social security number, or tax identification number.
  9. Select party from results list. If not listed, Add/ Create New Party.
    1. To add additional defendant's, repeat this step, otherwise select End Defendant selection.

NOTE: If the defendant's address is out of the country, select Outside US (99999) from the County drop-down menu and enter XX for the state, enter (99999) for the zip code and the Country field is left blank.

  1. Select appropriate Party code and Primary nature of suit, "01 (Determination of Removed Claim or Cause) Enter additional Nature of Suit(s) if applicable.
  2. Select "yes" if filing is a class action (Rule 23)
  3. Select  "plaintiff" if filer requests a jury demand.
  4. Enter amount of demand (5=5000).
  5. Enter "y" or "n" to Fee Deferred/Fee Not Required prompts.
  6. Answer question regarding Charge to Estate. If you answer "no" you will be asked a question regarding Fee Not Required.
  7. Select event Notice of Removal
  8. Browse, verify and attach the document (PDF file).

NOTE: Please disregard the statement found under the instructions on page 2, paragraph of the B104 for ECF users as it does not apply to this District.

Attach additional supportive documents, if applicable.

  1. Modify text if applicable.
  2. Verify final docket text before submitting onto the case docket.
  3. Pay the applicable filing fees or continue filing.
  4. Print the Notice of Electronic filing.  This is the verification that the document has been electronically filed.