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Creating a Filing Agent

IMPORTANT!  The CM/ECF User maintains the same level of responsibility as with their login in ensuring that a Filing Agent's login is kept current at all times.  The CM/ECF User must deactivate a Filing Agent's account that leaves the firm or is no longer authorized to file on their behalf.

Processing Instructions (rev 10/28/2014):

  1. Select Utilities menu.
  2. Select Maintain Your ECF Account.
  3. Select More User Information button.
  4. Enter the last name of your Filing Agent.
  5. Click the search icon to search name, the Add a Filing Agent screen displays message "Could not find Filing Agent".
  6. Select "Create a new Filing Agent" from the filing agent screen.
  7. Create Login for Filing Agent.
  • A password will automatically display or you can create your own password.
  • Follow the minimum requirements stated for creating a password.
  • Please annotate the login/password information for future reference.
  1. Enter the Filing Agents's information, first name, business address, phone number, etc.
  2. Select Submit. A confirmation message will be displayed, Click Ok. 
  3. Select Return to Account Screen.
  4. Select Submit. A message regarding specific fields were not altered will display.
  5. Select Submit to effect the change.
  6. To give the new agent rights to pay filing fee's, please see Permission rights - Granting or Removing Filing Agent's ability to pay filing fee's.