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CM/ECF Main Menu

Upon logging into CM/ECF, the Main Menu appears. The date you last logged into CM/ECF is displayed at the bottom left corner of this screen.

Choose from following options on the blue main menu bar at the top of the CM/ECF screen:

  • Bankruptcy       

Select Bankruptcy to electronically open new bankruptcy petitions and file other pleadings in a bankruptcy case. 

  • Adversary                     

Select Adversary to electronically open and adversary proceeding (complaint) and file pleadings in an adversary proceeding.

  • Query                  

Select Query to retrieve information and documents that are relevant to a case by specific case number, party name, or nature of suit.  You must be logged into PACER before you can view CM/ECF reports.

  • Reports               

Select Reports to retrieve docket sheets and cases (filed) reports. You must be logged into PACER before you can view CM/ECF reports.

  • Utilities                                 

Select Utilities to view your Internet Payments Due, Internet Payment History, and your personal CM/ECF transaction log.

  • Manual                 

Select Manual to access the CM/ECF user manual; obtain step-by-step filing procedures to assist you to properly and accurately file your documents electronically via the CM/ECF system.

  • Search                               

Select Search to assist you in locating the appropriate event code to match the document you are filing to obtain better results.  When searching  for an event code, you must enter a specific Key Word. i.e. "Relief" versus a generic key word, i.e. "motion."                                     

  • Logout            

Select Logout to exit from CM/ECF and to prevent unauthorized filings with your password until the next time you log in. 

Note: Closing the browser window without clicking Logout does not log the user out of CM/ECF.  The CM/ECF User should log out the application when it will not be used for a significant length of time (e.g. lunch breaks, meetings, end of day, etc).