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Certified Copy of a Document

Processing Instructions (rev. 6/9/2020):

DO NOT USE THIS EVENT (1) if fees should be deferred or (2) to request a certified copy of the case docket; instead, click here for instructions.


  1. Select Bankruptcy or Adversary menu.
  2. Select BK-Other, for a Bankruptcy Case, AP – Other, for an Adversary Case.
  3. Enter the case number using correct format and ensure case name and number match the case for the certification request.
  4. Select docket event: Request for a Certified Copy.  DO NOT USE THIS EVENT UNLESS YOU INTEND TO PAY THE FEE
  5. Select the party.
  6. “Please refer to the document for which you are requesting a certified copy. Only one request should be made per docket entry.” Click Next.
  7. Select the category to which your event relates, Click Next.
  8. Select the appropriate related document [SELECT ONLY ONE], Click Next.
  9. Enter only ONE email address where the certified document should be sent.
  10. Verify final docket text before submitting onto the case docket, Click Next.
  11. Pay applicable certification fees. 
  12. Print the Notice of Electronic filing.  This is the verification that the document has been electronically requested for certification.
  13. A Certified Copy of the document will be attached to an email automatically sent from CM/ECF within 1 hour of a PAID Request for a Certified CopyRetrieve the email from your email inbox.

NOTE:  You MUST PAY THE FEE WITHIN 24 HOURS or the certification and email will NOT be generated.  One hour after payment, if the email is not in your email Inbox, check Junk and Spam folders. 

If you need assistance, contact the ECF Help Desk at (213) 894-2365 or .