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Application for Compensation

Processing Instructions (rev 10/28/2014):

  1. Select Bankruptcy menu.
  2. Select Motions/Applications.
  3. Enter the case number using correct format and ensure case name and number matches the document you are filing.
  4. Select Document event: Application for Compensation.
  5. Select the party filer.  If not listed, Add/Create New Party.
  6. Browse, verify and attach the document (PDF file).
    1. Attach additional supportive documents, if applicable.
  7. Place check mark(s) on the applicant(s) for compensation listed on the motion or application.                                                                                                                                                                                 
  • Select the role type of the applicant (i.e., Accountant, Debtor's Attorney, etc.).
  • Uncheck any Filter boxes that do not apply for compensation.
  • Enter the time period in which fees and/or expenses occurred.
  • Enter fees and expenses requested for each applicant.
  1. Modify text to add pertinent information, such as Amended, if applicable.
  2. Verify final docket text before submitting onto the case docket.
  3. Print the Notice of Electronic filing.  This is the verification that the document has been electronically filed.