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Bason, N.

Self Calendaring Tabs


Judge Bason’s Self‐Calendar Procedures
Revised January 29, 2021


STEP 1 – Check Eligibility:  Self-calendaring is NOT available if the matter:

  1. is an emergency, ex parte, or shortened time matter;
  2. is an initial status conference in an adversary proceeding;
  3. is a motion for “reconsideration(i.e., a motion to vacate a prior order or judgment, or for a new trial, etc.);
  4. is a motion to dismiss a complaint;
  5. is a motion for summary judgment;
  6. is a chapter 9, 11, 12 or 13 disclosure statement or confirmation hearing;
  7. is a motion for approval of a reaffirmation agreement; or
  8. arises in a chapter 15 case.

Any other motion or application must be self-calendared.

STEP 2 – Review the Posted Calendar:  Choose a date listed on the current posted calendar entitled “Judge Bason’s Hearing Dates” that corresonds to your type of matter.  Only hearing times without red boxes next to them are open for self-calendaring.

Usual times and abbreviations Type of matter

Tuesday 10am:
"R/S-not 11"


All § 362(c) or (d) motions except in chapter 11.  
Notes:  (a) see the posted “Procedures of Judge Bason” re: automatically shortened time for some matters involving the automatic stay; (b) see Local Forms series 4001 1;  (c) if you choose a date more than 30 days after you file your motion then you are deemed to have waived the time limits of 11 U.S.C. § 362(e).

Tuesday 11am:
"LM 7 & AP"
(1) chapter 7 law and motion matters and
(2) adversary proceeding matters, except chapter 11.

Tuesday 1pm & 2pm:
"11 all"

All chapter 11 matters, including R/S matters and adversary proceedings.
Note: If there are any other matters in the same case that are already set for 1pm or 2pm, please self-calendar your matter for the same time.

Thursday 8:30 am:
All chapter 13 law and motion matters (e.g., claim objections, Lam motions, motions to modify confirmed plans, etc.).
Information only:  the following hearings or calendar entries are NOT available for self-calendaring, but they are listed for your information and planning purposes.
Thursday 9:30am:
Chapter 13 confirmation calendar (must be set via arrangement with the Chapter 13 Trustee).
Thursday 11am:
The Chapter 13 Trustee's own motions (e.g. motion to dismiss a chapter 13 case), which the Trustee may self-calendar.
Unavailable Times at which the Judge expects to be unavailable.
Court Closed Holidays and other times when the Court will be closed.

STEP 3 – File and Serve Your Papers: File and serve your notice and motion papers far enough in advance of the hearing, and on all persons entitled to notice, so as to comply with all applicable rules.  Notes:  (a) see Judge Bason’s Procedures for instructions on specific types of matters, notes regarding common errors, etc.;  (b) the Court reserves the right to reschedule any hearing (you will be notified promptly if your hearing has been re-set).

STEP 4 – Check for Tentative Rulings:  See Judge Bason’s Procedures regarding when and how to check for tentative rulings, and what to do if you disagree with the tentative ruling.

STEP 5 – Submit Proposed Orders (after the hearing):  The prevailing party should lodge a proposed order (unless otherwise instructed by the Court) after the hearing (not before – but you may serve the proposed order on other parties to afford them an opportunity to review it before the hearing.)

(1) Pandemic. During the COVID 19 crisis, check Judge Bason’s posted procedures for remote hearing/trial procedures (telephonic or video) and sample trial orders.

(2) Government shutdowns.
During any government shutdown you may continue self-calendaring matters as usual, but many matters will be continued pursuant to the Anti-Deficiency Act: 

An officer or employee of the United States Government ... may not accept voluntary services [by government employees] except for emergencies involving the safety of human life or the protection of property. . . . As used in this section, the term “emergencies involving the safety of human life or the protection of property” does not include ongoing, regular functions of government the suspension of which would not imminently threaten the safety of human life or the protection of property. [31 U.S.C. 1342 (Anti-Deficiency Act)] 

See the posted tentative ruling for your individual matter to see if it is to be continued.

Revised January 29, 2021

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