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Trustee, How Do I Find Out Who It Is In A Bankruptcy Case?

A) “Notice of Bankruptcy, 341(a) Meeting, Deadlines” – This notice is mailed by the clerk’s office promptly after a bankruptcy case is filed. The notice will contain the name, address, and telephone number of the trustee.

B) Electronic Docket (CM/ECF PACER) – The trustee is identified on the left side of the electronic docket for each bankruptcy case. Register for a CM/ECF PACER account.

C) Mailing Lists at the End of Papers Filed With the Court – When a party files a motion or other documents with the court, the party is generally required to mail a copy to the trustee in the bankruptcy case. Therefore, the trustee’s name and address will be shown on this “Service List.”

D) U.S. Trustee Website - Contact information for all trustees who serve in the Central District of California can be found on the website for U.S. Trustee, Region 16. This website will not list a particular bankruptcy case, but it should contain a trustee’s phone number which can be used for contact information.

Chapter 7 Trustee Directory

Chapter 12 Trustee Directory

Chapter 13 Trustee Directory

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