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Introduction: Searching TABS and CONTENT on Judges' Webpages

3-00:  Introduction: Searching TABS and CONTENT on Judges' Webpages

It is always important to research the Local Bankruptcy Rules and LBR forms that apply to the relief you seek in a bankruptcy case or in an adversary proceeding.  The Central District of California has more than 20 bankruptcy judges.  Thus, it is also helpful for each judge to have a webpage that contains basic information about the judge and specialized information about filing papers and appearing at hearings.

Basic information on a judge's webpage includes:

  1. Courtroom number
  2. Address for mailing judge's copies
  3. Phone numbers
  4. Bio of the judge

Specialized informationon a judge's webpage can be accessed by clicking on TABS.  This information includes:

  1. Self-Calendaring:  Calendar dates available to schedule a court hearing for your motion or other request for relief
  2. Appearances:  Instructions on making appearances before the judge, including if a hearing is conducted inperson, by telephone, or by videoconference
  3. Special Chapters or Proceedings:  Instructions for filing documents in chapter 11 or chapter 13 cases, in adversary proceedings, or regarding the automatic stay.
  4. Special Forms:  Forms to file to make requests in particular situations.
  5.  Judicial Variance Statement:  If a judge has a judicial variance statement, that statement will indicate if the judge follows all Local Rules and requires LBR forms, and will indicate how the judge's procedures vary from those LBR or LBR forms. 
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