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3-05:  Hearings: POSTED CALENDARS and TENTATIVE RULINGS: Free Access

A few weeks before each hearing date, your judge will post a calendar that identifies the motions and other matters that are on calendar for that day -- these are called "Posted Judicial Calendars."

Often, these dates were selected by a party, under our court's "Self-Calendaring" procedures.

A few days before each hearing date, your judge will re-post the calendar with instructions and other guidance -- these are called "Tentative Rulings."   

A Tentative Ruling may contain a variety of information, such as:

  1. Whether the hearing is going forward or if the motion or other matter has been ruled on without a hearing.  When a hearing is not going forward, the tentative ruling will indicate that appearances are waived. 
  2. Whether your hearing is continued to a future date
  3. Whether you must appear in person, by telephone, or by zoom 
  4. Whether there are errors that must be corrected prior to the hearing date, or if there are issues that the court wants parties to address at the hearing
  5. Whether a party has permission to lodge an order prior to the hearing date, as authorized by LBR 9021-1(b)(1)(B). 

See link below to the page on the court's website where tentative rulings and posted judicial calendars are found.   

All judges are listed on the left side.  Then, select the month and day of your hearing.  Scroll down to find your hearing. 

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