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Hearings: LBR 9075-1(b): SHORTENED NOTICE (Fewer Than 21 Days)

2-06:  Hearings: LBR 9075-1(b): SHORTENED NOTICE (Fewer Than 21 Days)

Most hearings are set on 21 days of notice to parties, and a few are set on 30 days or 42 days of notice.  

LBR 9075-1(b) provides the procedure for obtaining a hearing on less than 21 days of notice.  In short, a party must do all of the following:

  1. File the motion that sets forth the relief requested. 
  2. File an application for order setting hearing on shortened notice.  See link below to mandatory court form
  3. Lodge the proposed order on the applicationSee link below to mandatory court forms
  4. Serve a copy of the motion, application, and order on the judge -- this is called a "Judge's Copy."  The judge will rule on your application and promptly notify you if the motion can be heard on fewer than 21 days of notice. The order entered by the court will identify the deadlines for serving the motion, for filing a response to the motion, for filing a reply, and for filing a proof of service of notice of the order that sets these deadlines.

Some judges allow parties to set a hearing on Shortened Notice without filing an application.  Check your judge's webpage to determine if this is available in your case.

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