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Hearings: ATTENDANCE: In-Person: Telephone: Videoconference

3-04:  Hearings: ATTENDANCE: In-Person: Telephone: Videoconference

Our court has more than 20 bankruptcy judges. 

Each judge posts instructions for attending a hearing in person, by telephone (teleconference), or by videoconference

Appearance by Telephone or Videoconference are found at the Telephonic or Videoconference Instructions TAB.

Please find your judge, then search their webpage for these instructions. 

LBR 9013-1(j) provides requirements for attendance and a hearing, including that .... 

LBR 9011-2 provides that all parties must be prepared for a hearing they attend.

See below section 3-05 for TENTATIVE RULINGS.  Sometimes the judge post a tentative ruling to waive appearances, if a hearing is not going forward.

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