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Addresses: U.S. Trustee; Case Trustees; WEBSITE

2-04:  Addresses: U.S. Trustee; Case Trustees; WEBSITE

The Office of the United States Trustee's Office, Region 16, serves the Central District of California on behalf of the U.S. Department of Justice.  The UST Region 16 website has links for the city in which the divisional bankruptcy court is located, i.e. Los Angeles, Santa Ana, Riverside or Woodland Hills.  The Woodland Hills link also contains the Santa Barbara office address.

  • See LBR 2002-2 for instructions on delivering notices and serving documents on the U.S. trustee, as there are distinctions between using electronic notice or other types of notice.

A bankrupty case trustee is automatically assigned to debtors who file a bankruptcy case under chapter 7, chapter 12, chapter 13, and Subchapter V of chapter 11.   To determine the contact information for a trustee in a particular case, a party can check the main docket page for a particular bankruptcy case.  To determine contact information for all trustees who serve in cases in the Central District of California, click the link below the website of the UST Region 16.   Then, use the search box to insert "private trustee locator."  Trustees are listed by state, district, or chapter of bankruptcy cases in which they serve.  Or, a party can use the link below for "Search for Trustee."

See link below to information on the address to appear for the 341(a) Meeting of Creditors -- all debtors must attend this meeting soon after the bankruptcy case is opened.

See link in Section 4 to LBR 2002-2(a)(5) for information on serving documents on the U.S. Trustee when the U.S. Trustee is a named party in a proceeding. 

Section 2 - Serving Documents & Giving Notice
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