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Reassignment of Judge Houle’s Riverside Chapter 13 Caseload Effective September 1, 2022

Tuesday, August 16, 2022
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Effective September 1, 2022, Judge Mark D. Houle’s pending Riverside Division chapter 13 bankruptcy cases and related adversary proceedings will be reassigned to Judge Magdalena Reyes Bordeaux, with the exception of the following cases and related adversary proceedings:

Case Number Debtor Judge’s Initials
6:15-bk-19432 Kirk Eugene Frantz and Mary Elizabeth Frantz MH
6:22-bk-11206 Demion Starr Lewis and Chaniqua Renea Lewis MH
6:20-bk-11687 Joy T. Weedon WJ

Case number 6:20-bk-11687 in re: Joy. T. Weedon will be transferred to Judge Wayne Johnson. 

Hearings on Reassigned Cases and Adversary Proceedings

To schedule matters on Judge Magdalena Reyes Bordeaux’s calendars, please contact Judge Reyes Bordeaux’s Courtroom Deputy at (951) 774-1054. To schedule matters on Judge Wayne Johnson’s calendars, please contact Judge Johnson’s Courtroom Deputy at (951) 774-1098.

Following the reassignments, the judge’s initials at the end of the bankruptcy case and adversary proceeding numbers shall be changed to those to whom the matter was reassigned. 


PN 22-022