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Reassignment of Judge Donovan’s Caseload Effective March 13, 2017

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Public Notice
Effective March 13, 2017, Judge Thomas B. Donovan’s pending bankruptcy cases and related pending adversary proceedings will be reassigned to Los Angeles Division judges, as specified in the following tables, with the exception of cases that were previously reassigned.
Cases Ending in Digit Reassigned to Judge Judge's Initials
0, 1 Chief Judge Sheri Bluebond BB
2, 3 Judge Robert N. Kwan RK
4, 5 Judge Ernest M. Robles ER
6, 7 Judge Barry Russell BR
8, 9 Judge Deborah J. Saltzman DS
Case Reassignments without Regard to Terminal Digit
Case Number Debtor Name Reassigned to Judge
2:14-bk-16539 John Jay Marshall Judge Neil W. Bason
2:05-bk-39946 Arshag J. Minelian Judge Robert N. Kwan
2:12-bk-46765 John R. D. Fremont Judge Deborah J. Saltzman
2:14-bk-25055 Noam Bouzaglou Judge Deborah J. Saltzman
Following the reassignments, the judge’s initials at the end of the bankruptcy case and adversary proceeding numbers shall be changed to those to whom the matter was reassigned.
March 2, 2017