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General Order Amended Regarding Attorney Discipline Procedures

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The United States Bankruptcy Court for the Central District of California has revised General Order 96-05, Attorney Discipline Procedures in Bankruptcy Court. This Fourth Amended General Order 96-05 is effective September 15, 2011.

General Order 96-05 was amended to provide the Disciplinary Panel with a process to request additional information concerning the conduct of an attorney involved in a disciplinary proceeding from the referring judge, the United States trustee, and/or any other judge(s) in the district. The amended General Order requires that a copy of an entered Discipline Order be served on the attorney, all judges of the Court, and the United States trustee and specifies the procedure for filing a motion for rehearing, clarification or more detailed findings. The amended General Order also creates a procedure for requesting removal of a Discipline Order and any related opinions from the Court’s website once a disciplined attorney has been reinstated.

Fourth Amended General Order 96-05 is available at no cost on the Court’s website at (under Forms/Rules/General Orders), and for a fee at the Intake Sections of all five divisions.


September 15, 2011
PN 11-017