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Amended Chapter 13 Plan and Order Confirming Chapter 13 Plan Forms Effective April 15, 2019

Wednesday, March 20, 2019
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The United States Bankruptcy Court, Central District of California approved revisions to Local Bankruptcy Rules (LBR) forms, Chapter 13 Plan and Order Confirming Chapter 13 Plan, that become effective April 15, 2019.  The forms have been posted but may only be used in filings on or after April 15, 2019.

The Chapter 13 Plan form was amended in part as follows:

  • the “Pot” plan option was deleted from Part 2: Plan Terms;
  • a new Class 3A Unimpaired Claims to be Paid Directly by Debtor was added;
  • a new Class 3C Claims Secured by Real or Personal Property Which are to be Paid in Full During the Term of This Plan (Without Bifurcation), Including Cure of Arrears, If Applicable was added;
  • Class 5C Maintenance of payments and cure of any default was deleted; and
  • along with other minor revisions, some classes were renumbered to account for the new and deleted classes.

The Order Confirming Chapter 13 Plan was amended in part as follows:

  • to reflect the elimination of the “Pot” plan option; and 
  • to specify that the debtor must not incur debt greater than $1,000 without prior court approval (with exceptions).

This is a summary of the key changes.  Please review the revised forms for all changes.  These two mandatory LBR forms, numbered F 3015-1.01.CHAPTER13PLAN and F 3015 1.03.ORDER.CNFRM.CH13.PLAN, are available in pdf fillable format on the Court’s website under the Forms tab.