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Uploading a Creditor Matrix File (.txt) (Mailing List)

The creditors must be added to the case before the judge, trustee and 341 meeting are assigned to the case. The creditor matrix must be in text format, usually a .txt file, before it can be successfully uploaded.  Refer to the procedure “How to Convert a Creditor Matrix to a .txt File.”  All other file types within CM/ECF will be portable format (PDF) files.

NOTE: A copy of the Matrix (Mailing List) must also be included with the petition PDF.

IMPORTANT! If you have a creditor matrix with over 10,000 creditors, please split the file into separate files of no more than 10,000 until all creditors are uploaded.

Processing Instructions (rev 10/28/2014):

  1. Select Bankruptcy menu.
  2. Select Creditor Maintenance.
  3. Select Upload a Creditor Matrix file. 
  4. Enter the case number using correct format and ensure case name and number match the case you want to upload creditors to.
  5. Browse, verify and select creditor mailing list (.txt file). If you are presented with an error message verify that your file is saved as a text file (.txt) and not a PDF (.pdf).
  6. Total Creditors Entered screen appears.
  • If the total number of creditors entered is not the same as the total number of creditors on the submitted matrix, click the browser's Back button and research the error.
  1. Creditor Receipt screen displays.
  • The information displayed confirms the number of creditors added to the case.
  1. Click on the Return to Creditor Maintenance Menu Hyperlink to continue and repeat steps 4-6 for each creditor matrix. If there are not other matrices to add, select Logout or select another option of the Main Menu Bar.