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Searching for Specific Event Codes to File Your Document

You can easily search for the proper event code to match your document:

  1. Select Search on the CM/ECF menu bar (right-click on Search to open it in another window).
  2. Type a key word or phase in the Search box.
  3. Press your Enter key.  
  4. You may select from a list of docket events displayed under various menus. If the desired docket event is not in the pick list, choose the event most closely describing the intent of the pleading.  

NOTE: Use a generic docket event only if you are unable to find a close match. You may consult the ECF Help Desk at 213-894-2365

Suggestions regarding docket events: direct suggestion(s) in writing to the ECF Help Desk at:  The Court will review suggestions to determine the necessity of creating new events.