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Preparing an Order to Upload

Processing Instructions (rev 10/28/2014):Create the document in MS-WORD.

  1. Create the document in MS-WORD.
  2. Ensure the document does not contain the following:
    1. Hyperlinks
    2. Macros
    3. Security
  3. Ensure the document is not:
    1. Read only
    2. Locked in any way
  4. Format the document:
    1. Title page pursuant to Local Rule 1002-1(d)(8).
    2. Spacing pursuant to Local Rule 1002-1(d)(7).
    3. Do not include a date or signature line for the judge.
    4. Leave the last three inches of the last page of the body of the order blank.  This is where the judge's signature will be automatically inserted.
    5. If the body of the order ends on the first few lines of a new page, indicate the end of the order by typing, "# # #."
  5. Include a Proof of Service (Form 9013-3.1).
  6. Include a Notice of Entered Order and Service List (Form 9021-1.1).
    1. Determine who will be served electronically.
      1. In CM/ECF, under the Utilities menu, query the mailing information for the Case/Adversary proceeding.
      2. Select Mailing Info for a Case
      3. Insert applicable Case/Adversary number.
      4. The mailing information for the case will appear on the screen.
    2. Insert the parties in the appropriate section of the Notice of Entered Order and Service List form.
  7. Refer to the Local Bankruptcy Rules and the Court Manual for inclusion of exhibits.
  8. Document delivery:  Pursuant to Local Rule 9021-1(g), within 48 hours of a proposed order being lodged via LOU, a judge's copy must be served.  (Submit a face page copy of the submitted order, a copy of the confirmation receipt, and any applicable envelopes to the box outside chambers).