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Judge/Trustee Assignment

The Judge/Trustee Assignment program  must be run after the case has been opened in CM/ECF.  The process of randomly assigning the judge and trustee is described below.

NOTE: If several cases are filed the same day, it is suggested that you open all cases in CM/ECF prior to running the Judge/Trustee Assignment.  The possibility of the system assigning the same trustee,  meeting date and time are greater.  This entry must always be made the same day a case is filed.

  • Select Bankruptcy.
  • Select Judge/Trustee Assignment.
  • The system will display the judge and trustee assigned to the case.    

NOTE: Chapter 11 §341(a) meetings are docketed by the U.S. Trustee’s office.  The Judge/Trustee Assignment assigns the Judge only.     

 If you encounter any errors, contact the ECF HelpDesk at (213) 894-2365.