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Processing Instructions (rev 10/28/14): 

  1. Select Bankruptcy.
  2. Select Creditor Maintenance
  3. Select Enter Individual Creditor.
  4. Enter the case number using the correct format and ensure case number and name match the case you are adding a creditor to.
  5. Enter creditor name, mailing address, and city, state, zip code in field box.\

Note: The creditor information entry which exceeds five lines will prevent the remaining creditors from being noticed. Up to 10 creditors can be added in this box. Each creditor must be separated by a double space.

  1. Select type of creditor: Creditor or Administrative. Note to U.S. Trustee: Do not select Administrative as creditor type.                                       
  2. Select “yes” if creditor is on creditor committee. Select Next.
  3. Verify the number of creditors added to the case. Click Submit.