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Common Filing Errors via CM/ECF

Common Filing Errors via CM/ECF (rev 12/21/2022)

A document incorrectly filed in a case may be the result of

  • Uploading the incorrect pdf document to a docket entry,
  • Selecting the incorrect event code type from the menu,
  • Entering the incorrect case number and not discovering the error before the transaction is completed,
  • Selecting the incorrect hearing date,
  • Not appending the proper electronic signatures (i.e. /s/), or

WARNING!  Do not attempt to re-file the document

Contact the ECF Help Desk and request assistance in correcting the error as soon as possible after an error is discovered. Have the case number and document number for which the correction is being requested. If appropriate, the court will make an entry indicating that the document was filed in error.  You will be advised if you need to re-file the document. The system will not permit you to make changes to the document(s) or the docket entry filed in error once the transaction has been accepted.