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Browse - Review - To Attach Document Files

Processing Instructions (rev. 10/03/2016):

NOTE: The court quality assures all incoming files and verifies for /s/ signatures, missing pages, correct document to selected event, case number, readable file, etc.

During the electronic filing process, when you reach the screen that prompts you to browse for the document you are filing, this procedure ensures that the PDF document file is correct before you attach it.

  1. Click Browse.
  2. Locate the document (.pfd or .txt).
  3. Right-mouse click on the correct filename.
  4. Select Open from the drop down menu. This will launch the PDF or TXT file's application.
  5. Verify the document.
  6. Close the document by clicking the X in the upper-right hand corner of the Adobe or NotePad application.
  7. Click Open in ECF to attach the document in the Browse field.