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Bankruptcy Filing Software (Using 3rd Party Software to File Petitions)

Petitions should be filed via the Case Upload module when using bankruptcy software. 
IMPORTANT! Case Upload should only be used for COMPLETE filings of Chapter 7 and 13 cases. All required petition documents must be available. Use Open BK Case if any items are missing or BK-Other to file the balance of schedules and statements.
The Open New Bankruptcy Case screen displays.  Follow the instructions below to attach .txt and .pdf files.
Ensure the debtor(s) zip code matches the division in which the case should be filed (refer to > Court Locator).
  1. Select Bankruptcy.
  2. Select Case Upload.
  3. Browse, verify and attach the Debtor Information (.txt file).
  4. Browse, verify and attach the Petition (pdf file).
  5. Browse, verify and attach the Creditor Matrix (.txt file)
  6. Browse, verify and attach the Chapter 13 Plan (pdf file), if applicable.
  7. Assign the Judge and Trustee to the case by selecting Bankruptcy > BK- Judge/Trustee Assignment.