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Russell, B.

Self Calendaring Tabs



General Information:

Judge Russell has implemented a self-calendaring system for attorneys filing motions for relief from the automatic stay. This system allows counsel to schedule their own hearing dates for matters being heard on regular notice, without having to contact the Courtroom Deputy to obtain a date.

Please refer to the appropriate Federal Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure and the Local Bankruptcy Rules regarding service of motions and time frames for filing your papers. Any late filed pleadings will be deemed rejected and returned, and you will need to obtain a new hearing date. If you need to request placement of your hearing on second call, please call the Judge’s Judicial Assistant at (213) 894-6092 before the time of the hearing. Failure to do so will likely result in the denial of your motion for failure to appear. You must contact the Courtroom Deputy personally at (213) 894-3687 regarding withdrawal of motions and requests for continuances.


Judge Russell’s self-calendaring system is limited to chapter 7:

  • Motions for relief being heard on regular notice and filed in chapters 7;
  • Moving party must be represented by an attorney;
  • Motions filed on real property or personal property using required forms F4001-1.RFS.RP.MOTION, F4001-1.RFS.PP.MOTION or
    F4001-1.RFS.UD.MOTION only;
  • Total time of matter will require less than 15 minutes of hearing time.

Access Judge Russell's available self-calendaring dates here.

If your matter does not meet these requirements please contact Judge Russell’s Courtroom Deputy at (213) 894-3687 to obtain a hearing date.

Printable version of Judge Russell's Self-Calendaring Procedures