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Mund, G.

Self Calendaring Tabs



The self-calendaring system is designed to allow both counsel and parties to schedule hearing dates for matters heard on regular notice, without having to contact the Calendar Clerk to obtain a hearing date. Matters that do not require hearings may be filed in accordance with Local Bankruptcy Rule 9013-1(g)(1).
I. Parties may select their own hearing dates if the matter to be heard falls within the one of the following categories:

A. Motions for Relief From Stay

B. Disclosure Statements

C. Objections to Claims

D. Fee Applications

E. Employment Applications

F. Any motion in a Chapter 7 and 11 case or an Adversary Proceeding
not identified in section II below as being ineligible for self-calendaring

G. Certain Motions for Relief from Stay Heard on Shortened Time
(If a motion for relief from stay does not fall within one of the following enumerated categories and the movant wishes to have it heard on shortened time, the movant must apply for an order shortening time or proceed utilizing the procedures that govern emergency motions and may not self-calendar the motion.)

1. Residential unlawful detainer actions
2. Post-petition transfers of real property to the debtor
3. Pre-petition transfers to the debtor

a. Either within 90 days of the debtor’s petition date, or
b. Involving a fractionalized interest in real property.

II. The following matters may not be self calendared.

A. Applications for Orders Shortening Time* -
B. Matters Heard on Shortened Notice or on an ex parte basis*
C. Emergency Motions*
D. Chapter 11 motions under General Order 02-02 requiring emergency or expedited relief on two day’s notice.
E. Initial Status Conferences in Adversary Proceedings
F. Clusters of Related Matters that would ordinarily be set for different hearing times
G. Pre-trial Conferences

For more information concerning procedures for obtaining hearings on matters on this list marked with an asterisk*, contact Judge Mund’s Law Clerk at (818) 587-2840. For more information concerning procedures for obtaining hearings on any matter on this list not marked with an asterisk* , contact Judge Mund’s Courtroom Deputy Clerk at (818) 587-2850.

For matters that may be self-calendared, follow the steps outlined below:

STEP 1: Identify available dates and times for the type of matter that you want to  calendar by referring to the calendar of available hearing dates posted in the Judge’s courtroom or on the Court’s website ( or by calling the Court’s general information number (818) 587-2900  and selecting the menu options necessary to direct you to calendaring information for Judge Mund.

• PLEASE NOTE:  Calendar dates are subject to periodic revision, so please verify that you are referring to a current version of the Judge’s calendar.

STEP 2: Prepare a notice of hearing for the date and time that you have selected. If your motion is for relief from stay, you must provide notice in the same form as outlined by Local Bankruptcy Rule 9013-1(1)(e) (Local Forms series F4001).

• PLEASE NOTE: By choosing a date for a relief from stay hearing that is greater than 30 days from the date you file your motion, you are deemed to have waived the time limits of Bankruptcy Code Section 362(e).

STEP 3: Give sufficient notice of all matters to all parties entitled to receive such notice pursuant to applicable provisions of the Local Bankruptcy Rules and Federal Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure.  Schedule hearing dates accordingly.  Moving parties may refer to Local Bankruptcy Rule 9013-1(a)(6) regarding service of the notice of the hearing and Local Bankruptcy Rule 9013-1(a)(13) regarding evidence supporting the motion.

STEP 4: File and serve your moving papers in a timely manner! Refer to the Local Bankruptcy Rules and Federal Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure for applicable filing and service deadlines.  If proof of service is insufficient, the moving party’s motion may be continued or denied. Be sure to deliver a courtesy copy of all papers to the courtesy copy box adjacent to the elevators on the third floor with the time, date and location of the scheduled hearing placed underneath the title of the pleading.
STEP 5: If the date you have selected is unavailable because you have given insufficient notice, the date and time are already fully booked or for any other reason, the Calendar Clerk will contact you to arrange an alternative date. The Court reserves the right to reschedule any hearing. You will be notified promptly if your hearing has been re-set.

STEP 6: Bring your proposed order to the hearing, together with whatever notices of entry, copies and envelopes may be required, so that the Judge can sign the order at the hearing if your motion is granted.  You may lodge your order prior to the hearing only through the use of the Court’s Lodged Order Upload (L.O.U.) electronic computer feature, which is now available.  
You may, however, serve the proposed order on other parties, if you wish to afford them an opportunity to review the form of the order before the hearing.


Telephonic Appearance Instructions for Judge Geraldine Mund

Before Requesting Telephonic Appearance: Please check Judge Mund’s Calendar on the Web Pacer system and review any Tentative Ruling about the matter on calendar. No appearance required may be a part of the Tentative Ruling.

Requesting Telephonic Appearance: After you have checked Pacer for a telephonic ruling and have determined that an appearance is necessary, call Court Call at (866) 582-6878 no later than 3:00 p.m. the day before the scheduled hearing and tell Court Call who you are, and how you are related to the matter on calendar. If you miss the 3.00 p.m. deadline you should call Judge Mund’s Law Clerk at (818) 587-2840.

Multiple Parties Appearing Telephonically: If multiple parties at different locations desire to appear telephonically they may arrange this through Court Call by calling (866) 582-6878 no later than 3:00 p.m. the day before the scheduled hearing.

Additional Telephonic Appearance Information: Choose Procedures/Rules/Forms on the Court’s Home Page, then choose Judge Forms & Instructions, then choose
Judge Geraldine Mund, then choose Telephonic Appearances Information.


Printable version of Judge Mund's Self-Calendaring Procedures
Printable version of Judge Mund's complete set of Telephonic Appearance Procedures