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04/06/2018 In re: Louis Omar Cruz - Order after trial denying and dismissing plaintiff's claims under 11 U.S.C. §§727(a)(2) and 727(a)(4) Honorable Robert Kwan
04/03/2018 In re: Reyna Maria Taylor - Separate statement of decision on alleged debtor's motion for order dismissing amended involuntary bankruptcy petition Honorable Robert Kwan
04/02/2018 In re: Yoram Talasazan - Memorandum of decision Denying Defendant's Motion to Compel Honorable Maureen A. Tighe
03/30/2018 In re: Rodica Stonian - Memorandum of Decision Re: Motion To Avoid Junior Lien On Principal Residence Honorable Martin R. Barash
03/29/2018 In re: Gary Moll - Order Denying Motion of Ilyse Klavir, Attorney for Defendant Gary Moll, for Order Releasing Lien, Requiring Plaintiff to Pay Legal Fees and Costs and Dismissing Adversary Proceeding Honorable Robert Kwan
03/29/2018 In re: Aurora Albert - Memorandum of Decision Following Trial Honorable Martin R. Barash
03/28/2018 In re: Brett Clark - Order Granting Motion for Relief From Stay Under 11 U.S.C. § 362 (Unlawful Detainer) Honorable Robert Kwan
03/26/2018 In re: Maisha Tamu Mesa - Order of dismissal with special restriction-period against re-filing a new bankruptcy case - Debtor Dismissed for 1 Year Honorable Mark D. Houle
03/22/2018 In re: Penelope Charlene Jeffries - Memorandum of Decision Granting in Part, Denying in Part, Plaintiff's Motion for Summary Judgment on Claim to Determine Dischargeability of Debt Under Sec. 523(a)(6) Honorable Maureen A. Tighe
03/21/2018 In re: Ohlone Tribe of Carmel First Settlers of Chino Valley, CA, Inc. - Order Granting United States Trustee’s Motion To Dismiss Bankruptcy Case Pursuant To 11 U.S.C. § 1112(B) & Judgment For Quarterly Fees Pursuant To 28 U.S.C. § 1930 Honorable Mark D. Houle
03/14/2018 In re: Guillermo Alvarado - Memorandum Of Decision Finding That Defendant’s Indebtedness To Plaintiff, In The Amount Of $68,361.00, Is Excepted From Discharge Pursuant To §§523(A)(2)(A) And (A)(4) Honorable Ernest M. Robles
03/14/2018 In re: Eduvina Juanita Paredes Leon - Order Granting Motion By United States Trustee To Dismiss Case With A Re-filing Bar Honorable Mark D. Houle
03/14/2018 In re: Caesar A. Rodriquez - Order Granting Motion By United States Trustee To Dismiss Chapter 13 Case With A Re-filing Bar Honorable Mark D. Houle
03/12/2018 In re: Douglas Goodman and Louise Goodman - Order Granting Motion Of Cross-Defendants Jose Pastora & Theresa Mann To Dismiss Douglas And Ann Goodman's First Amended Third Party Complaint Honorable Mark D. Houle
03/12/2018 In re: Raymond Renaissance Theater, LLC - Memorandum of decision Granting in part, Denying in part Motion for Summary Adjudication of issues Honorable Sheri Bluebond
03/07/2018 In re: Prototype Engineering & Manufacturing, Inc. - Memorandum of Decision Re: Denial of Chapter 7 Trustee's Motion to Approve Compromise of Controversy and Authorize Payment to Auctioneer Honorable Robert Kwan
03/05/2018 In re: Ayers Bath - Order on renewed motion of Foremost Groups, Inc., to amend the judgment of the bankruptcy court to add Tangshan Ayers Bath Equipment Co., Ltd, as judgment debtor vacating hearing on March 7, 2018, setting matter for evidentiary..... Honorable Robert Kwan
03/02/2018 In re: Solyman Yashouafar - Memorandum of Opinion on Defendants’ Motion to Dismiss the First, Second, Eighth and Ninth Claims in the Second Amended Complaint Honorable Geraldine Mund
03/01/2018 In re: Kirstin A. Tidwell - Supplemental Statement of Decision on Trustee’s Motion to Approve Compromise of Controversy Honorable Robert Kwan
03/01/2018 In re: George Kontogeorgis & Sandra Sanchez - Statement of Uncontroverted Facts and Conclusions of Law Re Motion of Debtors for Summary Judgment on Motion to Avoid Lien or, in the Alternative, for an Order Adjudicating Facts Existing Without ..... Honorable Robert Kwan
02/28/2018 In re: Eddie Marin - Order denying motion for order authorizing debtor examination and production of documents under bankruptcy rule 2004 without prejudice Honorable Robert Kwan
02/22/2018 In re: Reggie Bishop - Statement of uncontroverted facts and conclusions of law on plaintiffs' motion for summary judgment Honorable Robert Kwan
02/17/2018 In re: EPD Investment Co., LLC, - Memorandum of Decision Granting Chapter 7 Trustee’s Motion For Summary Adjudication Honorable Ernest M. Robles
02/16/2018 In re: C & M Russell, LLC, - Statement of Uncontroverted Facts and Conclusions of Law on Defendants’ Motion For Summary Judgment Honorable Robert Kwan
02/15/2018 In re: Aida Fuentes - Memorandum Of Decision Denying “Emergency Motion For Stay Pending Appeal Of Order Granting Motion Authorizing Sale Of Real Property Free And Clear Of Encumbrances” Honorable Ernest M. Robles
02/14/2018 In re: Joshua Ross Allen and Amy Jill Allen - Memorandum of Decision RE Motion for Partial Summary Judgment Honorable Maureen A. Tighe
02/14/2018 In re: David B. Allen - Memorandum of Decision RE Motion for Partial Summary Judgment Honorable Maureen A. Tighe
02/14/2018 In re: John Olaf Halvorson - Memorandum Decision and Order After Bifurcated Trial on Unclean Hands Honorable Mark S. Wallace
02/12/2018 In re: Kellene Johnson - Memorandum of Decision Denying Application for the Issuance of an Order To Show Cause RE: Contempt Honorable Ernest M. Robles
02/12/2018 In re: Rosa M. Licea - Findings of fact and conclusions of law regarding contested matter of debtor's motion to hold creditors 2042 Town Square West, LLC and 8454 Steller Drive, LLC, in contempt of court for violation of the automatic stay... Honorable Robert Kwan
02/09/2018 In re: Janet Nabwanda Wagabaza - Order Granting Judicial Opinion/Memorandum of Decision re: Preliminary Injunction; Summary Judgment; Motion for Abstention; Motion re: Subject matter Jurisdiction; and OSC re: Contempt Honorable Meredith A. Jury
02/08/2018 In re: Don P. Chairez and Maria J. Chairez - Order Dismissing Case Honorable Robert Kwan
02/07/2018 In re: Prototype Engineering & Manufacturing, Inc. - Order vacating oral ruling granting trustee's motion to approve compromise of controversy and authorize payment to auctioneer and setting further hearing to hear additional oral argument is set.... Honorable Robert Kwan
02/02/2018 In re: Rudy Eberto Fuentes - Memorandum of Decision (1) Granting Trustee's Sale Motion and (2) Dismissing Adversary Proceeding Honorable Ernest M. Robles
02/02/2018 In re: Aida Fuentes - Memorandum Of Decision (1) Granting Trustee's Sale Motion And (2) Dismissing Adversary Proceeding Honorable Ernest M. Robles
01/31/2018 In re: USA Sales, Inc. - Memorandum Decision and Order Granting Debtor's Motion to Determine Whether Board of Equalization Claim is Entitled to Priority Status under Section 507(a)(8) Honorable Mark S. Wallace
01/26/2018 In re: Romer Linayao Valenzuela - Order Denying Amended Motion to Avoid Lien Under 11 U.S.C. § 522(f) (Real Property) Honorable Robert Kwan
01/25/2018 In re: Fernando C. Munchmeyer ad Veronica Munchmeyer - Order Denying Approval of Reaffirmation Agreement Honorable Robert Kwan
01/23/2018 In re: Eugen Valentin Dietl - Order Denying Debtor's Objections To Claims Honorable Robert Kwan
01/17/2018 In re: Arturo Gonzalez - Order Denying Motion Allowing Debtor's Objection to Proof of Claims of Discover Bank and Western Federal Credit Union (Now Known as Unify Credit Union) Honorable Robert Kwan
01/16/2018 In re: Order Denying Trustee's Motion For order Revoking Abandonment Of Real Property (6 Dover Court, Rancho Mirage, CA 92270) Honorable Mark D. Houle
01/16/2018 In re: Christopher Ole Munch - Memorandum Regarding United States Department Of Education’s And Educational Credit Management Corporation’s Motion For Summary Judgment Or Partial Summary Adjudication; And Plaintiff’s Cross-Motion For Summary Judgment Honorable Peter H. Carroll
01/10/2018 In re: Jasmine Lepe - Order Denying Debtor’s Motion for Damages and Sanctions Against Wells Fargo Bank Honorable Robert Kwan
01/05/2018 In re: Jaqueline Guardado - Order (1) Reopening Case and (2) Vacating the Dismissal Honorable Robert Kwan
01/04/2018 In re: Mark Alan Shoemaker - Memorandum of Decision After Trial Honorable Geraldine Mund
01/04/2018 In re: Ronald Alvin Neff - Memorandum of Opinion After Remand of Objection to Enhanced Homestead Exemption Honorable Geraldine Mund