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Documents, How Do I Amend Documents I Have Filed With The Court?

It is a debtor’s duty to ensure that the information provided in the bankruptcy petition package (Petition and other forms) is correct. This means that the correct “form” must be used, and the form must contain correct information. If a debtor needs to filed an amended document because the debtor filed the incorrect version of a form or inserted inaccurate information on a correct version of a form, a debtor must take the following steps:

A) File With the Court the Document that Contains the Amended Information (Schedule, Statement, etc.) – If an incorrect or outdated version of a form was used, prepare, sign and file the correct version of the form. If the correct version of a form was used, but the information inserted on the form is not accurate, prepare, sign and file the form with the revised information;

B) File With the Court a Form Titled “Amendment of Schedule(s) And/Or Statement(s).” This form should be filed at the same time that the amended document is filed, and is available at any Clerk's Office location or download below.  

C) Pay a fee Click here to determine the fee required.

D) Mail a copy of the amended document and Amendment of Schedules(s) And/Or Statement(s) to all creditors.

If a debtor has a change of mailing address, it is the debtor's responsibility to promptly file a change of address form so that the clerk’s office, trustee, and creditors know where to mail documents for the debtor.

Download Form: Amended Schedule(s) and/or Statement(s)

Download Form: Change of Address (The debtor should also mail a copy of the change of address form to all creditors.)




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