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Creditors, How Does The Court Notify Creditors A Bankruptcy Case Has Been Filed?

Very soon after the bankruptcy petition is filed, the clerk's office mails a notice to creditors that a debtor has filed for bankruptcy. This notice is titled “Notice of Chapter 7/11/13 Bankruptcy Case, Meeting of Creditors, Deadlines.” A debtor must list all of its creditors when filing the bankruptcy petition package so that each creditor is aware of the bankruptcy. The court only mails a notice to creditors that are listed; therefore, a debtor must ensure that all creditors are listed. Generally, creditors are shown in two places in a petition package:

A) Schedules - Creditors should be found on the proper Schedules according to the type of debt.

List of Schedules and descriptions of the types of debt for each Schedule.

B) Master Mailing List - Creditors should be found in alphabetical order on the Master Mailing Matrix with the correct street address, city, state, and zip code for each creditor.

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After Filing Bankruptcy