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Automatic Stay, What Is It And Does It Protect A Debtor From All Creditors?

Automatic Stay -- Immediately after a bankruptcy case is filed, an injunction (called the "Automatic Stay") is generally imposed against certain creditors who want to start or continue taking action against a debtor or the debtor's property. Bankruptcy Code Section 362 discusses the Automatic Stay.

Protection for the Debtor – It is important to read relevant statutes from the Bankruptcy Code and/or to consult with a competent bankruptcy attorney about the Automatic Stay because in some situations there is no Automatic Stay at all, or there is only an Automatic Stay if the debtor obtains a court order which imposes the Automatic Stay. There are many different time frames and deadlines, and creditors (such as child support services) may still take action to collect from a debtor.

For information on Motions to Continue or Impose the Stay, see link below.

Creditors Obtaining Relief From the Automatic Stay -- If a creditor properly files and serves a Motion for Relief from the Automatic Stay, and a bankruptcy judge grants the Motion, the Automatic Stay will either be removed or modified so that the creditor can resume collection efforts against the debtor.

For information on Motions for Relief from the Automatic Stay, see link below.

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