Order Audio Recordings of Hearings

Ordering Information

When parties request audio recordings of court proceedings, the information is provided on a compact disc (CD). The Judicial Conference has set the cost of each CD at $30.00.

Audio requests may be ordered in one of three formats, FTR Gold, Windows Audio, or Audio CD. A description of each format is below:

  1. FTR Gold - This format must be played using TheRecord Player™ available as a free download from, www.fortherecord.com. Audio in this format allows the user to navigate through the recording using time references from the actual hearing. One day’s hearings will fit onto one CD in this format.
  2. Windows Audio - This format plays on standard PC media players installed on most computers. One day's hearings will fit onto one CD in this format.
  3. Audio CD - This is a generic format that will play on most CD-R and CD-RW compatible players. Select this option if the audio will be played in a vehicle or on a personal CD player. This format produces a larger file and can hold a maximum of 70 minutes of audio. Therefore, a 90-minute hearing using this format will be on two CDs at a cost of $60.00. It is important to note, this is the only format that is compatible with Apple or Mac computers.

Questions regarding audio recordings may be directed to the Court's Call Center at (855) 460-9641.

Download Audio Recording Order Form