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A separate order form must be completed for each hearing date requested. To select a Transcript Service Provider click here, and complete the Transcript Order Form. This is the only approved transcript order form the Court will accept.

Four (4) types of transcript orders:

  • Ordinary: A transcript to be delivered within thirty (30) calendar days after receipt of the deposit. 
  • 14 Days: A transcript to be delivered within fourteen (14) calendar days after receipt of the deposit. 
  • Expedited: A transcript to be delivered within seven (7) calendar days after receipt of the deposit. 
  • Daily: A transcript to be delivered within 24 hours after receipt of the deposit.

The Meeting of Creditors is recorded by the Trustee. The Court does not keep or provide a copy of the recording.  For 341(a) Recording Request Procedures, or visit the U.S. Trustee website.

Parties with an ECF account shall file the Transcript Order Form in CM/ECF on the related case docket. Use docket event “Transcript Order Form (Public Request).”  As with all ECF filings, the completed PDF Transcript Order Form must be “flattened” before electronically filing through ECF (click here to view the procedure).  Self-represented litigants and parties without an ECF account may hand-deliver or mail the form to the division where the hearing was held.*

NOTE:  The Court does not accept transcript requests via fax, email or telephone.

The Court does not transcribe court proceedings. When a Transcript Order Form is received, the Court will forward the hearing information to the Transcription Service Provider you designate on the Transcript Order Form. The Transcription Service Provider will contact you regarding receipt of the transcript. Thereafter, contact the Transcription Service Provider directly if you have questions regarding your transcript order. Transcripts cannot be picked up at the Court. For more information, go to the Track Transcript Status page.

The Transcription Service Provider will contact you directly regarding transcript costs and forms of payment. Rates may vary but may not exceed maximum charges set by the Judicial Conference of the United States (maximum rates are listed on the Transcript Rates page.

*Transcript requests made by non-ECF filers may hand delivered to the appropriate division or mail their transcript request as follows:

Los Angeles
United States Bankruptcy Court
255 E. Temple Street, Room 940
Los Angeles, CA 90012-1576
Attn: Transcript Orders (Judge name)
Santa Ana
United States Bankruptcy Court
411 West Fourth Street
Santa Ana, CA 92701-4593
Attn: Transcript Orders (Judge name)
United States Bankruptcy Court
3420 Twelfth Street
Riverside, CA 92501-3819
Attn: Transcript Orders (Judge name)
San Fernando Valley
United States Bankruptcy Court
21041 Burbank Boulevard
Woodland Hills, CA 91367-6608
Attn: Transcript Orders (Judge name)
Santa Barbara
United States Bankruptcy Court
1415 State Street
Santa Barbara, CA 93101-2511
Attn: Transcript Orders (Judge name)

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