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Acknowledgement of Request for Transcript (RE: Appeal) - (for Transcribers Only)

This docket event is only available to Transcribers

NOTE: Use this docket event upon receiving a transcript request related to an appeal. 

This docket event complies with Federal Rule of Bankruptcy Procedure 8010(a)(2)(A): "Upon receiving an order for a transcript in accordance with Rule 8009(b), the reporter must file in the bankruptcy court an acknowledgment of the request that shows when it was received, and when the reporter expects to have the transcript completed."

Processing Instructions (1/14/2015):

  1. Select Utilities
  2. Select Transcriber Events 
  3. Enter the case number using correct format and ensure case name and number match the document you are filing.
  4. Under Available Events, Select Document event: Acknowledgement of Request for Transcript (RE: Appeal).
  5. Click Next.
  6. Under "Select the appropriate event(s) to which your event relates,"Check the box next to "Transcript Order Form related to an Appeal..." (for the hearing date you are transcribing)
  7. Enter the Date the Transcript Request was Received (mm/dd/yyyy).
  8. Enter the Date You Expect to Have the Transcript Completed (mm/dd/yyyy).
  9. Click Next.
  10. Verify final docket text before submitting onto the case docket.
  11. Print the Notice of Electronic filing (NEF) for verification that the document has been electronically filed.