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03/28/2014 In re: Maria Victoria Reade - Memorandum Decision Honorable Peter H. Carroll
03/28/2014 In re: Vineyard National Bancorp - Memorandum of Decision After Trial on (i) Count IV of the Complaint; and (ii) Count of the Amended Counterclaim Honorable Richard M. Neiter
03/25/2014 In re: Matthew Banks Ashworth - Memorandum Decision on Motions of Creditor Kathryn Ehrgott; (1) For the finding of bad faith due to Debtor's non-disclosure of income and abuse of bankruptcy process; (2) For dismissal with prejudice, disgorgement, re-filin Honorable Robert Kwan
03/20/2014 In re: Phong Hung Tran - Memorandum decision on adversary complaint to determine dischargeability of debt and for denial of discharge Honorable Robert Kwan
03/19/2014 In re: Jack Tsai - Memorandum Decision Honorable Peter H. Carroll
03/18/2014 In re: Victoria Randall - Memorandum of decision on fee application of debtor's counsel Honorable Neil W. Bason
03/17/2014 In re: Kathleen Kellogg-Taxe - Memorandum of Decision Regarding Chapter 7 Trustee's "Motion for Order Authorizing Sale of Real Property of the Estate [10535 Vestone Way, Los Angeles, California 90077] Free and Clear of Liens and Interests, Subject to High Honorable Richard M. Neiter
03/13/2014 In re: Raymond Nghia Dao and Allison Monglan Dao - Memorandum Decision on Adversary Complaint Objecting to Discharge Honorable Robert Kwan
03/12/2014 In re: Manuel Antonio Alfaro and Maria Ines Alfaro - Order Dismissing Adversary Proceeding for Lack of Subject Matter Jurisdiction and Failure to State a Claim Upon Which Relief Can Be Granted and Denying Motion for Default Judgment as Moot Honorable Robert Kwan
03/10/2014 In re: New Meatco Provisions, LLC., - Memorandum Decision Honorable Peter H. Carroll
03/10/2014 In re: Byung Moon Kim and Sylvia Young Kim - Memorandum Decision Denying Debtors' Motion to Reopen Case Honorable Robert Kwan
03/10/2014 In re: Charles Bell - Memorandum Decision After Trial Honorable Robert Kwan
03/04/2014 In re: Jayampath P. Dharmasuriya - Order Granting Motion to Approve Compromise under Rule 9019 Honorable Peter H. Carroll
03/04/2014 In re: Jayampath P. Dharmasuriya - Memorandum Decision Honorable Peter H. Carroll
03/04/2014 In re: Maggie Teh Chi Ma - Memorandum decision on defendants' motion for summary judgment and order Honorable Robert Kwan
02/28/2014 In re: Art and Architecture Books of the 21st Century - Order on Debtor's Motion for an Order Granting Stay of Further Hearings on Remand Pending Debtor's Appeal to the Ninth Circuit Honorable Robert Kwan
02/24/2014 In re: Robert Gerard Spehar and Susan Miller Spehar - Memorandum of decision on First and Final Application for Allowance and Payment of Fees and Expenses to Debtors' Bankruptcy Counsel Honorable Robert Kwan
02/06/2014 In re: Edward S Ahn & Helen Ahn - Memorandum of Decision re Motion to Disallow Claim No. 9 of Hanil Development Inc. Honorable Julia W. Brand
02/05/2014 In re: Mi Jung Hong - Memorandum decision on debtor's second amended motion to dismiss bankruptcy case and revoke discharge Honorable Robert Kwan
02/03/2014 In re: Catherin S. Noonan - Memorandum Decision and Order Granting In Part and Denying In Part Defendant’s Motion for Judgment on the Pleadings, or In the Alternative, Motion for Summary Judgment Honorable Robert Kwan
02/03/2014 In re: David A. Wilson - Statement of Decision on Plaintiffs' Motion for Order Awarding Pre-Judgment Interest Honorable Robert Kwan
01/29/2014 In re: John Shart and Elke Gordon-Schardt - Memorandum of Decision determining that imputation of fraud committed by debtor/husband to debtor/spouse is unwarranted under Section 523(a)(2)(A) [FOR PUBLICATION] Honorable Barry Russell
01/14/2014 In re: Arnold Klein - Order Sustaining the Objection to the Administrative Claim of David Charles Rish, M.D., a Medical Corporation Honorable Richard M. Neiter
01/13/2014 In re: Christopher Eberts - Memorandum of Decision Upon Remand Honorable Ernest M. Robles
12/26/2013 In re: Elbiali Isamail Osman - Order Granting Motion for Approval of Stipulation for Use of Cash Collateral Honorable Richard M. Neiter
12/20/2013 In re: Jeffrey Scott Trawick and Stephanie F. Berry - Statement of Decision on Trustee's Motion Objecting to Debtors' Amended Claim of Exemption in the Inherited IRA under 11 U.S.C. 522(b)(3)(C) Honorable Robert Kwan
12/19/2013 In re: Modtech Holdings, Inc., - Memorandum Decision After Trial [FOR PUBLICATION] Honorable Thomas B. Donovan
12/16/2013 In re: Kuo Hua Ma and Kue Chiu Tsu Ma - Order Denying Motion For Default Judgment Honorable Robert Kwan
12/12/2013 In re: William R. Gerard - Memorandum of Decision Re Summary Judgment in Favor of Defendant Honorable Ernest M. Robles
12/11/2013 In re: Elizabeth Blanche Nelson - Memorandum and Order Imposing Sanctions Pursuant To FRBP 9011 Honorable Scott C. Clarkson
11/27/2013 In re: Cesareo Gutierrey - Tentative Ruling That Petition Date Is The Appropriate Date To Determine If Junior Liens are Subject To Modification Honorable Neil W. Bason
11/27/2013 In re: Margie Leigh Bell - Memorandum Decision Denying Motion To Avoid Junior Lien Held By Trabuco Investments, Inc. Honorable Neil W. Bason
11/19/2013 In re: NNN Parkway 400 14, LLC, a Delaware limited liability company - Order Approving Stipulation For Joint Administration Of Debtor's Case With Twenty-Nine Related Chapter 11 Cases Honorable Theodor C. Albert
11/19/2013 In re: Sara Raziyan - Memorandum Decision [FOR PUBLICATION] Honorable Thomas B. Donovan
11/15/2013 In re: Pax America development, LLC - Memorandum Decision Honorable Peter H. Carroll
11/12/2013 In re: Itercare Health Systems, Inc. - Memorandum Decision Honorable Peter H. Carroll
11/07/2013 In re: Project Playlist, Inc. - Memorandum Decision Denying Defendant's Motion To Dimiss Honorable Thomas B. Donovan
11/06/2013 In re: Bo Duwain McCarthy - Memorandum of Decision After Trial Honorable Ernest M. Robles
11/04/2013 In re: Mary R. Adams - Order Denying Debtor's Motion for Redemption Honorable Robert Kwan
11/04/2013 In re: Justin Thomas Chlarson - Memorandum Decision [FOR PUBLICATION] Honorable Thomas B. Donovan
11/04/2013 In re: Ivan Rafaelian - Separate Statement of Decision on Ex Parte Motion to Reconsider Court's Orders Denying Debtor's Motions to Avoid Liens Honorable Robert Kwan
10/31/2013 In re: Hassen Imports Partnership - Memorandum of Decision Honorable Ernest M. Robles
10/30/2013 In re: John M. Woodburn - Separate Statement of Decision in Support of Granting Trustee's Motion to Compel Debtor toTurnover Homestead Proceeds Honorable Robert Kwan
10/16/2013 In re: City of San Bernardino California - Opinion [FOR PUBLICATION] Honorable Meredith A. Jury
10/16/2013 In re: Robert W. Hunt - Order Re Memorandum of Decision Regarding Defendants’ Right to Jury Trial Honorable Ernest M. Robles
10/16/2013 In re: Gordian Medical, Inc., dba American Medical Technologies - Memorandum Decision and Order [FOR PUBLICATION] Honorable Mark S. Wallace
10/11/2013 In re: Martin and Diana Pemstein - Order Denying Plaintiff's Motion to Properly Apply Court's Statement of Decision Granting Defendant's Fees and Costs Honorable Robert Kwan
10/08/2013 In re: Erica M. Adam - Memorandum Decision Regarding Motion for Summary Judgment Honorable Peter H. Carroll
10/03/2013 In re: Blanca Estela Albillo - Order Denying Debtor's Motion to Reopen Case Honorable Robert Kwan
10/03/2013 In re: Artur Grigoryan & Teresa Petrosyan - Memorandum of Decision Honorable Thomas B. Donovan